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How to Convert Black hat Hackers into IT Support Portland

IT support Portland companies are filled with good and skilled IT professionals who are working honestly to earn a living to support their families. On the other hand, there are black hat hackers who are using their exceptional skills to hack into the networks and systems of businesses in order to steal data, make computers hostages, sell confidential information, and many more crippling activities. Without a doubt, companies and good IT professionals hate the guts of black hat hackers. But it is also true that the world needs more white hat hackers and good ITs, especially with the rise of cyber threats all over the web. And so a crazy yet not entirely crazy idea is circulating around a small fraction of the IT world. And that idea is to turn black hat hackers into white hat hackers, or simply good IT support Portland professionals. It is going to be a very long shot, but it is possible with the right motivation. But first, let us talk about why the black hat hackers may not want to be turned into the good guys. Knowing their reasons for staying as they are will help us determine the course of action to make them convert from black to white.

Reasons why black hat hackers will not convert into the good IT professionals

There is no harm in trying to convert the cyber criminals into good ITs, but they are sure to argue with you and in their minds they are correct.

The payout is better

Well, most black hat hackers do what they do because the money is good. They breach into networks and systems, steal financial information, steal money, sell sensitive company data, get paid for making computers hostage, and they are even paid by business rivals to completely destroy the business of their competitors. And by doing all that, the cyber criminals are earning way too much compared to the good IT support Portland professionals. And so when we talk about payout, black hat hackers will surely make a major argument about income.

There are no rules or bosses

Well, it is indeed true that IT professionals do have bosses and they have a lot of rules to follow. And what black hat hackers love about their job is the absence of people to answer to, and there are absolutely no rules or company guidelines to follow. They hack whatever network they want to breach, take whatever they need, and leave businesses crippled and they would not care even slightly. They follow their own rules and they get to do whatever they want.

They find recognition addicting in the dark web

Black hat hacker exists in the dark web, and they relish their popularity in their own black world. They are recognized to be great by their peers, and they earn huge respect as cyber criminals in the dark web. They are the star of hackers, and they always bask in that glory.

How to convince black hat hackers to convert to the good side

It is arguable that good IT support Portland professionals are sometimes no match to the black hat hackers. In many cases it is true, since there are many companies that are hacked by black hat hackers and their IT supports could do nothing to stop the cyber attacks. But, being on the good side of things is still better than staying in the dark, and that is how we can convince black hat hackers to join our side.


There is no question about the large amount of money that black hat hackers are earning, but they are not free. They are wanted by the authorities, and they live their lives hiding in their gorgeous and expensive houses, but they are always on the lookout for the cops. On the other hand, the good IT support Portland professionals are not hiding in the shadows. They are free to roam around the world without worrying about the cops on their tail. They may not have the same level of financial stability as black hat hackers, but good ITs have the freedom to use their money whenever they want. And that is way better that the life of a fugitive, which is a very good argument that we can use on black hat hackers so they will consider turning on a new good leaf.

Job security

Yes, it is true that IT professionals have bosses and they follow company rules and regulations, but their job is secure, and they can retire one day and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Though black hat hackers can hack all they want and earn money, they have no job security mainly because they are wanted by the police, and once they get caught, it is all over. They can lose all their money, their credibility in the dark world, and most especially, they can lose their loved ones once they are exposed for who they are. That is why it is much better to be a good IT support Portland, because no one is after them to take them to prison.

The huge challenge in black hat hacker to good IT conversion

Well, if we are able to convince some black hat hackers to turn into white hat hackers or even regular IT professionals, we are still facing a huge challenge. Black hat hackers are wanted by the police for their cyber crimes, and it would not be easy to turn themselves in. But what they can do is make an arrangement with the authorities to provide with immunity or such arrangements that will lessen their sentence as long as they make a deal that can save them from years of prison. There are always ways to become better at life. And also, there is an option to simply leave the black hat behind without going to the authorities, and start living a life of IT support Portland professionals.

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