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How To Choose A New IT Support Portland Manager

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You have given everything you have in order to build your own IT support Portland company. Your company has grown over the years, and you have considerable number of clients who trusts in your IT services and the people behind your company. And now it is time again to promote one of the dedicated IT support professional to the position of IT Manager. However, there is more than one candidate for the job, and you are confused as to how to choose among them since they are all qualified for the position. You know that your IT people are doing their best to provide the best IT services to your clients, but you only need one to fill the position. And so we have gathered a list of traits and skills that a candidate must possess in order to qualify as the new IT support Portland Manager in your company.

Background in business and management

No matter how excellent a candidate is with the IT services jobs, if he does not possess any background in business, this IT professional is still not qualified to become an IT manager. This position is about managing people ad resources, so it is best to select a candidate who understands the business side of things. Always go for an IT Manager who can handle both people and resources properly, and only someone with a business background can do that. You can argue that business skills can be learned, but why would you waste time educating someone without experience in business and management, when you already have a qualified candidate that can start fulfilling the role immediately without the need for timeout in order to study? Besides, experience in business and management needs to grow roots. So opt for the IT support Portland professional who is highly skilled in the cybersecurity field, as well as have the background for managing people and can handle business.

Skilled IT and highly respected in the IT industry

You need a new IT manager who is extremely capable of handling IT services, as well as highly respected by his peers and the people in the IT world. An IT manager leads IT specialists and communicates with clients. Your candidate must already have gained the favor of his colleagues, so you can be sure that they will respect and follow his lead when the time comes. Always keep in mind that respect is worked upon, and it is not given freely. If your people already have someone whom they look up to, then give the job to that person. Do not gamble your IT support company’s on a new IT manager that does not have people skills. It will only backfire if you push it. So choose wisely, and never allow anyone to whisper in your ears. Because most of the time, the name being whispered is not a good fit for the vacant job.

Years of experience

In choosing the new IT support Portland Manager for your firm, you need to look at the years of experience of the candidate. It is always better to choose the most experience one in the lot, though years of experience is not everything. Weight the experience of all your candidates, and check which one continues to evolve as an IT support professional, which one is locked in the traditional ways of operation. Choose the employee who uses his experience to help your IT service firm more productive and successful. Look at the things they do in order to update themselves to the latest technologies. Experience is indeed a huge factor for your decision to promote an IT professional to become the new IT Manager, but also look into how those years of experience are spent.

Communication and interpersonal skills

The role of an IT Manager involves coordinating with clients, reporting to you directly, and managing IT professionals. And the best candidate for the job is an IT support Portland Professional who has excellent communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills. You cannot have an IT Manager who cowers in the face of clients. This position must be filled by someone who has full confidence of his abilities to get the job done, whatever it takes. Your best bet is the IT support specialist who is not scared to question your orders but actually provide a pretty good reason why. Your IT service company’s new IT Manager must have the skills to communicate with people well, and he must have the patience to take care of things and can handle problems on his own.

Thrives when under pressure

You have to always keep in mind that the job of an IT Manager involves leading the fight against black hat hackers. And so you need someone who does not blink an eye when a cyber attack is ongoing. Instead, you need someone who can face the challenges ahead with a clear head and can come up with technical resolutions fast. Bear that in mind when you finally select the new IT support Portland Manager to help your IT service company excel in the IT industry. You can test your candidates with the worst scenarios in the technical field, and see who handles pressure better. Of course, you need to test their capabilities in order to make sure that you will be promoting the most resilient IT professional in all of your company employees.

Final say

Filling the position of a new IT Manager is big deal for your company, and it is definitely a huge honor for the IT support professional whom you will choose. We have stated all the important factors to look for in your decision, and now decision falls on your hands. Always remember that you must choose who is the most capable of handling the job. Weigh your options wisely, since this promotion can make or break your precious IT support Portland company. So never take the selection process for granted

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