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How To Become An IT Support Portland Instructor

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A job as an IT Support Portland Instructor is a rewarding career that is perfect for you, especially if you have always dreamed of teaching aspiring and existing ITs about the wonders of Information Technology. And so in this post we will explore the world of the IT industry and check what you need to do in order to qualify as an IT instructor.

Significant qualities of an IT instructor

Let us check into the important qualities of an IT instructor so you know if you have what it takes to become a professional in this field.

Wide range IT support knowledge

Of course, you need to have extensive knowledge of Information Technology in order to become an IT instructor. You must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of information technology, computer science, or other related courses. It just goes to follow that you are a master of the IT world so you can teach others what they need to learn. Most especially, you need to have the dedication to be always advanced in your knowledge with the latest technologies. And so you need a bachelor’s degree, even a master’s degree in order to qualify. And if you do not have a master’s degree for teaching as IT Support Portland instructor, then you would need to get a teaching certificate. That is because for obvious reasons you cannot just teach because you want to. You need to follow protocols, and there are rules and policies with regards to being an IT instructor.


In this line of career, you need absolute patience in dealing with different kinds of people. You cannot filter who your future IT students may be, so you need to have the patience that goes on and on. There will be a lot of students who may think that they are smarter and knowledgeable you, especially those who are only taking your IT classes in order to get certifications as IT Support Portland professionals. If your temper is quite strong, then you must have a grip of your emotions before you start your classes.

Strong communications skill

It is a no brainer that you need to have strong communication skills in order to become successful as an IT instructor. Being a teacher requires you to convey your message properly, so practice providing instructions or class modules to your students. It is best that you are excellently articulate, and you speak very clearly. You also need to have the best listening skills and the comprehension of everything that your students will throw at you.


Good IT instructors are adaptable in nature. They perform their jobs and adapt themselves to the changes. And in the case of being an IT instructor, you do need to be adaptable since the technologies are always evolving, and even at the last minute you would need to modify your modules and integrate the new learning. You must have the capability to adjust your lessons whenever needed, and incorporate new information about IT, cybersecurity, and everything that has to do with the IT world when necessary.


One of the best qualities of an                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IT Support Portland is the ability to empathize. You must understand what your students are going through, and not become a know it all IT instructor that expects everyone to get everything you teach immediately. Remember that everyone has different learning capacities, and some are fast learners, while others learn things at a slow pace. By having empathy, you become a good teacher since you can identify with your students, and possibly create a learning process that can cater to both kinds of learners. But of course, you know that in the IT industry slow thinkers are not good assets in the field. So it is also your responsibility to gauge the capabilities of your students when it comes to IT work. If you notice that some of your students are not born to be IT Support Portland specialists, then be honest about it and inform them to take additional classes that will prepare them for the life in the IT industry. You need to keep in mind that when IT support professionals screw up in their actual jobs, your reputation can get ruined because you are the one who gave them the lessons and certification. So cover your ass at all times, and make it a point to screen the students ahead before you graduate them from your class.

Dedicated to the lessons and students

Dedication to your craft is an important quality to possess as an IT instructor. This trait ensures that you are always available for your class, no matter how tempting it would be to go off to an unscheduled vacation with your loved ones or friends. You need to always put your classes ahead of your personal needs, and you can only do that if you have unquestionable dedication to your job. Sometimes, you would need to sacrifice your personal life in order to fulfill a class, and even if you are feeling under the weather you still have the commitment to show up for class as a dedicated IT Support Portland instructor.

How to start teaching IT classes

To start teaching IT classes, your best bet is to get all your qualifications, documentations, and resources ready. You can choose to teach in a traditional classroom, or you can go for online classes, which are actually the trend right now. Also, figure out your area of expertise, because the IT world is a vast place and there are thousands of areas that you can focus on. Of course, you need to market yourself as an IT instructor, regardless of your form of teaching. It would be beneficial if you ask guidance from existing IT instructors, particularly your favorite teachers when you were studying. They have better insights on what you want to do, and they can help you become a great IT Support Portland instructor.

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