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How to Become an IT Support Portland Consultant

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An IT Support Portland Consultancy Job is quite popular in the IT industry and other industries that require the assistance of IT support professionals to keep their networks and systems free from cyber attacks. This kind of career is interesting, and since the technological world never ceases to innovate, the career path of a technical consultant is in high-demand. The fact is, you do not have to have a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer or other related courses in order to qualify for the job. You can be a graduate of a non-IT course and simply take an IT conversion course to become an IT professional, and then later work as a technology consultant. But of course, extensive experience in the field of IT and cybersecurity is vastly required for you to get this position. In this article we will explore the life of an IT Support Portland consultant, and see of this career path is the best for

What is a technology consultant?

A technology consultant is someone who provides reasonable advises to their respective clients regarding the proper and wise utilization of the practices of Information technology. If you have this job it is your responsibility to optimize all the resources of your client that involves the IT systems, and smartly manage and execute the laid strategies that are beneficial for your client’s business. In short, your responsibility as a technology consultant is to help your clients transform their methods in using IT technology in their company, to make the strategies more suitable for their industry.

The transformation that you help create in your client’s business as a technology consultant involves the improvement of development of their business processes, optimizing technical opportunities, lessen the cost of production, and so much more. Indeed, technology consultants are needed by every company to help gear them towards the pedestal of industry success, and of course so they can be recognized in the industry.

How to achieve a job as a technology consultant?

When you want to challenge yourself and move further from your current position as IT Support Portland specialist, then the role of technology consultant is certainly great for you. But before you can call yourself a technology consultant, you need to follow the right process first.

Get a degree

As previously mentioned, you do not need to be a graduate of an IT or computer course or anything related in order to land this particular job. However, it is a great advantage if you have a Bachelor’s degree in IT. But, if you have graduated from a different course, that is absolutely okay, as long as you have taken post graduate courses that is related to IT, technology, and computer. You definitely cannot get a job as a technology consultant of you do not have education, knowledge, and experience with IT, network security, hardware and software programming, cybersecurity, and anything else related to IT in general.

Work on your IT experience

Make sure that you secure an IT job in your resume before you start working as a technology consultant. It just makes sense that you cannot give advice about something that you only read in books. You need hands on experience as an IT Support Portland professional and gain the necessary experience to be a technology consultant that your future clients can truly trust.

Know the latest technology trends

It goes to follow that when you want to become a technology consultant, you must be privy to the latest trends in technology. You must have a genuine interest in learning what is new in the IT world, and study them so you have advanced insight about the new innovations. By keeping yourself on the loop of the latest craze in technology, you are better prepared on what you can advise your clients, and how they can leverage the new technology for the sake of their own businesses.


Unless you are exclusively hired to serve one company only as their new technology consultant, you will probably need to acquire more than one client in your career as IT Support Portland professional. You need to pay the bills, and you cannot financially survive with only one paycheck, unless exclusivity awards you with a lot of zeroes in your salary compensation. And so you need to have the flexibility to manage your role as a technology consultant properly, and customize your approach according to the industry of your clients. You need to be flexible enough to provide expert advice on technology that could greatly improve the profits and cost-reduction of every company that you work for.

Networking skills

Your job as a technology consultant does not stop at providing advice, but it goes way more than that. You would need to communicate with various vendors, and networking is part of the job. You need to have the right access to different people in the industry, and connect together when needed. There will be times when you will advise against the use of a certain IT Support Portland company because they are not good with their job, and you need to look for another IT service firm that can deliver precision and reliability with their IT services. And when this time comes you must possess the networking skills to keep everyone calm, without creating enemies in the IT world.

Final say

If your heart is set to become one of the best technology consultant, then go with your gut and do everything you can to reach your dreams. The path to this profession may not be an easy one, but this job is where the money is, especially if you have big shot clients. You must have full confidence in yourself, and in your ability to become great at what you do. You started out as a simple IT Support Portland specialist, but now you have the opportunity to become better. There is a whole world waiting for you in this profession.

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