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IT Support Portland Industry How to Achieve a Career

There are many ways to make your dream come true to be part of the IT Support Portland World. And all the routes that lead to being an IT support specialist can be categorized into two, which are through a university first, and then look for an IT later, and the second is to begin working in the IT industry coupled with an apprenticeship. And here we will discuss the two routes and see what you want to follow.

1. University first, and career later

Universities all over the country are offering degrees that are related to IT, so you can easily use your Bachelor’s degree in order to easily find an IT job after you graduate from the University of your Choice.

Take a technology related course in the university

 When you choose to study an IT or computer related courses in college, then you are already sure that you want a job as an IT Support Portland professional after you finish school. Going on this route will also ensure that your opportunities in the IT industry are wide ranging. You can choose whatever IT job you want in the real world, like:

  • IT service specialist
  • Technical support for hardware and software
  • IT manager
  • Computer consultant
  • Desktop support engineer
  • Database programmer
  • WAN engineer
  • LAN engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Systems administrator
  • Unix Systems Administrator
  • Micorsoft Administrator
  • Chief information officer (CIO)
  • Network security professional
  • Software developer
  • Computer software programmer

It is indeed better to go down the route of university first, especially if you choose to go for an IT related or computer related course. Here are typical courses in the universities that you can take in the IT or computer courses:

  • Information technology
  • Computer science
  • Cyber security
  • Computer networks
  • Data science
  • Networking
  • Game design
  • Software engineering

And if you prefer to get into a deeper technical role in the IT Support Portland industry, then you need to focus on specific major classes that will bring to you to your desired IT job position in the near future. Also, keep in mind that your mathematical skill is absolutely beneficial for your desired career. And so make sure that when you go to the university, take math classes that are more complex compared to standard math.

Non-IT degree in the university to land an IT job after graduation

Yes it is true that it is ideal to study an IT or computer related course in order to get a better IT job after graduation, but you also need to know than a non-IT bachelor’s degree also qualifies you to become an IT support specialist. This is done by engaging in IT trainings after your degree in the university, or you can take a one year post-graduate IT course. People who usually take this route are those who have different career paths in mind, and realized later that they are more interested in the IT Support Portland industry, or they are enticed by the financial gains of this career.

Realities for non-IT bachelor’s degree in the IT world

If you have a non-IT course, then you can still get an IT job in the technology industry because there are many employers who hire IT converts. This is especially true for businesses who cannot afford yet to pay full compensations for IT course graduates, but prefer to spend less on non-IT graduates. This process in actually not a discrimination, but a reality. You would have to work harder and train more if you had a non-IT course, because the fact is your counterparts spent years studying what you have learned in just a year or so. And so your motivation must really be strong, and your will is unbendable. Most companies will surely prefer IT job applicants who have spent their entire university life studying IT and technology in general, compared to those non-IT graduates who had crash courses after they get their Bachelor’s degree in different college departments. However, never let anything or anyone stop you from doing a job in the IT Support Portland world. Get the certifications that you need to perform your job better, and show how dedicated you are to your chosen profession.

2. Starting work in the IT industry coupled with an apprenticeship

Another route that you can take to work as an IT expert in to actually work first through a reliable apprenticeship job, and then finish your university studies later on. If you are interested to go to this route, all you have to do is find a company that accepts apprenticeship for an IT job, and you can start working while you are still a student of an IT degree or technology related courses. This is actually a normal path that many IT students are going through, because working as an apprentice allows them to learn a lot about IT. As an IT apprentice, you have access to information and resources that allows you to see a deeper part of the IT industry that straight IT courses are not privy to. You can work as an IT Support Portland apprentice and train on the job, while you apply everything you learned from school to your job, and vice versa. In fact, many IT professionals who go through this career route of being an apprentice first are preferred by many technology companies, since there is no longer a need to train you hard after you are given the IT job. That is because you already had complex training during your apprenticeship for years while you study your chosen IT or computer course.

Final say

There are many reasons why you would want to choose either IT career route, but of course you need to make sure that you can handle the pressures and demands of the path you choose to take. Always keep in mind that a job as an IT Support Portland is absolutely challenging yet rewarding, and it is absolutely worth every effort you make.

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