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How Portland IT Services Fights Against Hacker’s Computer Codes

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Hackers are dependent on their computer codes to gain access to their target victim’s network, aside from their complete trust in their skills to hack and get whatever they want from the network, system, computer, and more from companies, individuals, businesses, organizations, and government establishments. They typically write their own unique code and insert them in various legit programs and codes from other ITs. That is why it is vital to have your own dedicated Portland IT services to help you figure out if you are being targeted by cyber criminals and they will do their best to fight hackers and put them in their place. And so you must never take for granted what your IT team’s job for your company. They are there to keep your network safe and secure from all unwanted intruders in the world.

By hiring the most reliable IT support company in the country, your business will have a strong weapon against cyber attacks that are mostly done by hackers executing their computer codes to target vulnerabilities in your system. The program codes of hackers are used for the following purposes:

Hack passwords

Anyone can hack a password, but the manual guessing is quite a long process and absolutely tedious. Just imagine the million combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers. It would take forever to solve a password project especially if you have no background or intimate knowledge about your target. And so smart cyber criminals uses algorithms and trial and error technique that most commonly known as “brute force attack”. This method is used by hackers to create all potential combinations to gain access to a computer, email, social media account, credit card, and other private network or system. Also, cyber criminals use another method which is called “dictionary attack”, where they inject typical words about the user and see which one matches with the right password. And if you want to prevent hackers from knowing your password, then hire the best Portland IT services team to handle your security.

Log keystrokes

There are computer codes that allows the hackers to record every single keystroke you perform on your computer. By successfully inserting their code into your system, they can find out everything they need to know about your business, company handling, and even personal information about you. They will know your passwords to every single program, application, email, or social media account that you log on to on your infected computer. But the good news is, by having a dedicated Portland IT services company to monitor any threat to your system, any attempt to monitor your keystrokes is blocked before it jeopardizes your computer.

Achieve back door access

Hackers use their Information Technology skills to look for a back door access that are actually unprotected passageways that leads to your network and hardware. Hackers use a computer code or a Trojan horse to acquire that back door access and it usually works especially on a system that has restricted security.

Crash hard drive

Cyber criminals create codes to produce a virus that effectively contaminates their targeted system, network, computer, smartphone, and other devices. These viruses duplicates and brings chaos to your hardware by crashing your whole system, or delete everything in your hard drive. And if you have no data back up, then everything that was lost during the attack can never be recovered. So to protect your company data, files, documents, and other confidential information, you must work hand in hand with a committed Portland IT services team that can help you with cloud migration or cloud storage for a reliable data back up in case of cyber attacks. And when you finally have a data back up system, you can be confident that your data can be recovered any time, and they are safe as well

Build zombie computers

A bot or zombie computer is created by cyber criminals in order to deliver spam messages to company email addresses, or persona emails, and they process what is called a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Once the hackers are successful in infiltrating your company computer or network through this code, then they can easily control your devices and use your system to send spam messages to other people, which makes your company branded as a spammer. They can also do malicious acts on your behalf, unknowingly, of course, and cause chaos and destruction in your own network, as well as to others. For your computers to be saved from zombie computers or bots, you need to assistance of the best Portland IT services in the country. They will help your system battle cyber attacks, and prevent computer zombies to penetrate your system. Remember that when your company name is used for heinous or illegal acts, it is not the hackers who will pay for the crimes, but it is you who will be held accountable for what happened.

E-mail spying

When you have a reliable and efficient Portland IT services team by your side, cyber criminals will not have a chance to spy on your company emails, as well as personal messages. Hackers create computer codes that allows them to execute what is equivalent to wire tapping. They can spy on your emails, read them, intercept them, reply to them, and more. And for a company that mostly do their correspondents with clients and suppliers through email, then it is absolutely necessary that you invest in technological security that will never let intruders to access your important company and personal emails. Hire the most highly recommended Portland IT services today because every day that you wait, you are giving cyber criminals an opportunity to find vulnerabilities in your system and launch an attack that your business may not survive from. But with the help, guidance, skills, and dedication of your IT support team, your company can be spared from the troublesome email spy. And your business can continue as usual.

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