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How Much Do IT Support Portland Earn?

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IT support Portland professionals do earn loads of money with their skills to handle cybersecurity for their clients. Their clientele is vast, thanks to the increasing number of companies that are in need of cybersecurity to prevent cyber criminals from hacking into the network and system and jeopardize their company data for their own selfish gains. And so if you want to follow the path of an IT security professional, you should know that your income per year is quite higher than the average employee in the country. However, your earning is still dependent on how hard you work, what IT service company you are employed in, and if you have side jobs. You need to understand that like any other jobs in the world, your compensation as a new IT support Portland professional depends on how good you are at your job, and how fast you can climb the ladder of IT professionals.

How much can you earn every year as an IT support

As mentioned, your compensation depends on your company and the experience you have. But when we based the general average salary of IT supports all over the country, the average annual salary is $54,849. That is just the average for those IT professionals who have regular paying jobs. The compensation for each IT support mostly depends on the company they are working for. The bigger the IT support company is, the bigger the pay. If you are lucky enough to work for large companies, then you can get a yearly salary of over $100,000. And if you land a job in small companies, your annual salary can be around $40,000 or less. For other kinds of companies, like the medium size business, you can earn around $50,000 more or less. What matters is, you have a job that supports you and your family. And even if you start small, you have all the opportunity in the world to earn more with your skills as IT support Portland professional.

How to get an increase in salary and IT support earning

Everyone wants an increase their compensation in order to live a better financial life. And as an IT professional, you have the opportunity to earn more. Let us look at a couple of methods to level up in the IT industry and get paid more

Get promoted

Of course, you cannot stay at your current level as an IT. You need to aspire for more responsibilities in your company, and work hard to get the promotion that you crave for. When you get promoted from your current status you will certainly be earning more money. But to get the promotion, you know that you would need to compete with many IT professionals in your company. You need to make sure that you have leverage that will make you stand out to your bosses so they will see your potential and grant you the keys to the higher level as an IT support Portland. And once you are promoted and is receiving higher salary and extra bonuses, you must continue to work harder and better to maintain your excellent reputation in your company. You must aim for the next promotion, and slacking off is absolutely not an option for you.

Have a good relationship with your bosses and colleagues

Politics is everywhere, even in a company full of IT professionals. In a company everyone has different personalities and you may find that your views and beliefs are in conflict with your bosses and co-workers. But for your sake you cannot let your difference build a wall between you and your superiors and peers. Keep your personal feelings to yourself, and decide to form a harmonious relationship among every single person in the company. What you are doing is not pretending to like everyone, but you are leaning towards the side of peace in order to achieve a cool head at all times. By working without mixing personal emotions and beliefs, your bosses will surely recognize your skills as a reliable IT support Portland professional, and as a good person, and they will be eyeing you for a promotion. With a level-headed functionality and exceptional IT skills, you could be heading towards managing your own IT team. And when that happens, your salary is increased, and your annual compensation is much higher. Plus, you get more benefits once you are promoted. So always keep a level head and be fair at all times. Most especially, have a good relationship with your bosses and co-workers.

Get side jobs as an IT professional

It is no secret that many IT professionals have side jobs in order to earn extra income. It is indeed ideal that if you have extra time to work for residential clients or companies that require small amount of time, then do so. You can earn extra income when you go through this route, especially if you have a handful of clients on the side as a trustworthy IT support Portland professional. However, you need to make sure that you only work on your side jobs only during your rest days or after your regular work hours. Never compromise your regular paying job for your source of extra income. Let your side job customers know your available time to handle their cybersecurity, and make sure that your side jobs are not violating any rules or policies with the company you are working for. You simply cannot afford to lose your high paying job over smaller income sources. Keep your work balanced.

Also, make it a point to give enough time for your family and friends. You cannot just work and work without spending quality time with the people you love. Yes you can argue that you are working for them, but all your efforts will amount to nothing if you lost your family while you work so hard to earn more in your profession as an excellent IT support Portland.

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