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How IT Support Portland to Market your Services

Working for an IT Support Portland Company is not a bad idea. In fact, many IT professionals are associated with IT support service firms, and they work for companies that need assistance and protection with their cybersecurity. And the fact is, the demand for reliable and highly skilled IT professionals rises greatly, especially with the constant cyber threats that black hat hackers continue to throw upon their target preys. However, there are also those IT professionals who do not tie themselves with existing IT support service companies, but rather they chose to work alone. And if you are one of those lone wolves IT who likes to work at their pace and time, then you should know that it is not a smooth battle ahead. You are facing a lot of difficulties when you go through this path, but of course you can be a solo IT Support Portland professional. The trick here is to create a strategy to market your services, and how you can convince individuals, companies, organizations, and even the government to use your IT services instead if the existing small, medium, and large IT service companies in the country.

Invest in full-blown marketing

As financially crippling as it may be, but you need to invest in a full marketing campaign in order to create awareness of your IT services, and be known in the market. There is no IT service company at your back, and you are on your own, so you need to be prepared to spend money to let the world know that your exist. There are many marketing strategies that you can engage in, like TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper advertisement. That route will surely cost a lot, but if you want exposure in the traditional way, then those are your options. You can also hire an influencer to help you market your solo IT Support Portland brand for your IT services. But keep in mind that influencers are not cheap, but they are quite effective.

Social media marketing

Another method to market yourself as an IT professional is through social media. Create your own Facebook business page, twitter account, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and more in order to have the necessary tools to market your IT services online. Of course, you also need a website where you can direct all your social media marketing attempts. Your website must contain all the important details about your career, and it must contain blogs that are related to IT in general. Make your website informative, and use SEO properly. Remember to create a compelling and realistic portfolio and put it on your website. Ensure that the social medial buttons are present on your website, and use all your social media account to market your IT services. You can ask all your family, relatives, and friends to help you with your career by sharing your social media posts, liking them, and mentioning your services to people and companies they know who can benefit from your services as IT Support Portland.

Schedule appointments with your target market

The traditional method of marketing your IT services may never fail you, and it never gets old. Create a list of your target companies, and call to make an appointment to meet with the decision maker. This may be an old-fashioned method for some, but nothing can really beat the smooth exchange of ideas and clarification about IT services than a one on one meeting. It is always best to come face to face with your target market, to look them in the eyes so you can show your sincerity. But of course, you need to be prepared for the fact that not all your target audience will agree with a personal meeting with you. But have the patience to wait, and look for more target companies until you find those that are willing to have a sit down with you and talk about what you have to offer in terms of IT Support Portland. And when you finally have your scheduled meetings, make sure that come prepared with all your tools to convince your potential clients why they should consider hiring you. Wow them with your wisdom, and show them why you deserve the job.

Look for individual clients

It makes a lot of sense that if you are serious about being a solo IT support, that you cater mostly to individuals who need assistance with their personal computers or other devices. Always keep in mind that companies and organizations are not the only ones that need protection against black hat hackers. An ordinary person is also at risk of cyber crimes, especially the rampant identity theft and credit card theft. You actually have a huge market if you focus more on individuals rather than companies, because the sad reality is, businesses often prefer to hire an entire IT service company to handle their cybersecurity, rather than hire a single IT Support Portland professional. So think clearly about your target market, and decide which one is most feasible for you to work on. But of course, you can always open your door for both companies and individuals, and serve those that put their trust in your highly capable hands.

Final say

There is a fierce competition among IT service companies in the country, and the fight is quite strong. But of course, it takes a courageous and brave IT professional to take on the world and decide to offer IT services without the backbone of an IT company, or the partnership with a fellow IT. The path you are traversing is definitely not easy, but if that is what your heart wants, then go for it. But always remember that you need to earn a living, so make sure to take care of the little jobs since they will grow in numbers one day. Always provide the best IT Support Portland services, no matter small or big the clients.

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