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How IT Support Portland Can Save your Business

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In a world where technology is dominant, there are thousands, if not millions, of cyber criminal traversing the dark web. They continue to elevate their knowledge and skills in breaching networks and systems of their target businesses, that is why it is crucial for your company to hire the best IT Support Portland in the country. You cannot trust in the goodness of people and hope that the black hat hackers will not include your business as one of their target victims. The world simply does not work that way, especially when it involves cyber criminals who dominates the dark web and keeps on poking into networks and systems until they can find a way to breach and attack. And so you need to do everything you can to ensure that your business in free from cyber attacks, so you can continue with your daily operation with the help of your new IT Support Portland. Let us look at the ways that your new IT service company can help save your business.

Test penetration of your network and system

IT professionals are experts in acting as white hat hackers, and they test your network and system by attempting to breach and expose vulnerabilities that the cyber criminals can do as well. By finding out the weaknesses in your company’s digital aspect, then you can save your business from being ruined by allowing your hired IT support to handle the patch or fix to your network and system. When a breach is not possible anymore, your company is saved from black hat hackers who seek to steal company data that they can sue to profit from, or to exploit for their own personal needs. As a business owner you must be open about these things, and give your permission to the white hat hackers to test you network and system.

It is quite normal to be scared and fear that the penetration test will lead to more problems, and that cyber criminals are just waiting in the dark and will eventually attack once your own IT Support Portland finds the vulnerabilities. You need to trust that the expert technical support knows what they are doing, and they have resolutions and programs in place that prevent black hat hackers from following their lead and completely breach your network and system. What you need to remember is that a penetration test can save your business in a lot of ways. By knowing what your network and system vulnerabilities are, you will know exactly what you need to fix.

IT support can save your business from lawsuits

One of the most important things you need to understand is that when cyber criminals get a hold of your company data, they also get access to your customer information, which includes their names, addresses, personal information like credit card details, social security, insurance, and more. And hackers can sell those information to people who are in need of new identities, or use their credit card information to make huge purchases. That is why it is crucial to hire your own IT Support Portland to make sure that your sensitive data is not stolen. Because when your data is compromised and your customer’s lives are stolen or copied, then your company could potentially be facing lawsuits after lawsuits. And though you did not intentionally expose the sensitive information, you are still held accountable because it is your utmost responsibility to protect your network and system from cyber criminals. And so if you want to stay away from lawsuits, get the assistance of the most reliable IT service company in the country. By having IT professionals working for your company and making your digital defenses stronger, you can rest well with the knowledge that your company data is safe and secure. And so you can avoid any lawsuit, because your customer’s information is safe in your system.

New product development is safe

If your company is developing a new product, then you absolutely need the help of a trustworthy IT Support Portland to safeguard your network and system to ensure that no cyber criminal can breach in your network and system and steal confidential information about your new product. You have to understand that your competitors may not care about the morale of stealing from others, so be very careful with your product development data. If your company is always at the top in the industry, then your rivals may want to hire black hat hackers to penetrate your network and system and steal your valuable data regarding the new product that your company is developing. And if the cyber criminals are successful, you could lose the fight and your competitor could apply for a patent first and manufacture your hard-earned new product as their own. But with the assistance of a highly skilled and extremely capable IT Support Portland company, your business can stay safe from black hat hackers. These IT professionals are experts in making sure that your network and system are completely solid and there are no vulnerabilities left to be exploited by cyber hackers.

IT support can help prevent company data hostage

Black hat hackers exist in order to bring chaos into an individual or company or organization’s network and system. They exploit what they can find, and use them to earn a lot of money. They do not care that they are doing bad things to achieve the financially stable life that they are after. All they want is to get money in easy ways. And so your business is at a high risk from a company data hostage. This happens when hackers got full control of your system, and there is no way for you to access your system unless you pay the ransom demand, which is usually nor cheap. Hackers tend to know how much you have and ask for everything. To avoid this disaster, hire the assistance of an IT Support Portland.

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