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Hire Portland IT Services 6 Things Cyber Criminals Can do if You don’t

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There are tons of things that hackers can do to your computer if you are not careful with your security and if you have neglected to hire the best Portland IT services company. Even if you are an individual and not a company, you still run the risk of getting hacked, especially if you have considerable amount of money, or if you are privy to confidential information, or if you happen to work for an important organization that is creating or manufacturing classification sensitive products or services. It may seem like a farfetched or too James Bond for you, but allowing low security on your computer is not good, especially if you do have files, documents, and data that you need to protect. Cyber criminals do not only target large corporations or small businesses, but they can also focus their attention on individuals who have something that they badly need to perform their desired operation. Let us check out the top 6 things that a cyber criminal can do to your personal computer at home if you do not have a reliable Portland IT services company helping you secure your system.

Automated system for complete computer control

Hackers are using an automated system that allows them to access all your personal files, data, and everything inside your computer. They uses hacker tools to find openings in your computer that will allow then entry. These cyber criminals often look to see if your computer has a way in what they call the Sub7 program. They send in their codes to check if you have open computer ports that becomes wide open when you use the internet and they worm their way in through the slightest opening. This computer is also known as the port 27374, where they immediately let the hackers know of an opening in the different ports of your computer so they can hack inside. And the scary thing, when the hackers get inside your computer, then can control your device without you knowing. But you can avoid this intrusion by having a Portland IT service handle your computer security.

Takes control of your computer

Once the hackers find a way inside your computer, they can now take over and do everything they want to do with your system. It is just like a thief physically there in your home, comfortably sitting on your chair and messing with your computer files, emails, social media accounts, and more. They can steal your private data, personal information, copy pictures from your computer, remove files, delete important documents, and much more. And what’s worst is, the hackers can bring in more viruses to your computer so it will completely shut down and burn the hard drive. It doesn’t even matter if the cyber criminals are near you, in the same country as you, or in the other ends of the world. They can easily do whatever they need in your computer, so make sure to get the expert assistance of a Portland IT services company.

Hackers can make you feel exposed

Having hackers access your computer is like having a personal stalker who creeps into your private life and things and see everything you hide. When cyber criminals have unlimited access to your computer without you knowing, they can see your banking information like your bank account number, credit card numbers, ATM numbers, and even your very private Social Security number. And things can even get much worst for you if you are one of those people who writes their password in the notepad, or save them in word document, or store them in the sticky note. If you leave your passwords inside your computer, then the hackers can access your personal accounts easily. So never take for granted our need to hire a personal Portland IT services for the sole security of your computer.

Hackers can make purchases in your name

When hackers successfully penetrate your system, they have access to your password, finances, and banking information. They can make purchases using your credit cards, and they can approve them too without you knowing. They can even lock you out from your own computer and from your banks, so they take full control of your computer and your credit cards. And before you realize what is happening, the hackers already maxed out your credit cards and you find yourself in a huge debt.

Hackers have hacker friends who can access your computer as well

It is true that hackers often compete against each other in terms of their brilliance and popularity in the dark web. However, they are very friendly too, and they sometimes share their price with their hacker friends. The original hackers can steal important programs form other networks, and store those programs in your home computer. And then they can invite their friends over to have a feast on their stolen programs and so now more hackers have access to your computer.

Hackers can attack other devices using your computer

Without the security provided by a trustworthy Portland IT services, your computer can be used by hackers to bring chaos to other devices. They can do that remotely from their end, without the need to be physically facing your computer. And they can do that without your knowledge. So when they attack their target computers, what registers as the attacker is actually your device, so when it comes to legality, you are in deep trouble.

What to do to prevent hackers from accessing your computer If you receive tantalizing emails that are too good to be true, or suspicious, then do not open them. You also need to make sure that you do not store your password in your computer, as well as make your computer password strong. Most of all, you must hire a dedicated Portland IT services to handle the security affairs of your computer. It would cost you, but it is necessary.

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