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Four Types of Data Backup with IT Support Portland

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Your dedicated IT support Portland is highly capable of helping you with your need to backup all of your company data. The data backup is a process of creating one or multiple copies of your confidential company data or archiving your sensitive files. This process is performed in order to be ready for an unfortunate event of data loss. Because no matter how careful you are, no matter how you train your employees to be very careful in dealing with your company data in your company computers, there will always come a time when ignorance or an honest mistake leads to data loss. Many companies all over the globe have suffered the same thing one way or another. It could a total wipe of crucial files, or an accidental deletion of documents, or an over-ride in the data storage. A lot of things can go wrong, and truth be told many data loses in businesses are caused by human error. That is why it is imperative that you hire the best IT support Portland company to help you handle your data backup and be confident that you will always have access to your data, even they are removed from your computers.

Four common kinds of data backup

It is your responsibility to make sure that your own company has a data backup. There are more than a dozen types of data backup available for companies worldwide, but there are four that stand out among the rest. And here we will discuss the four types so you can decide which one is more suitable for your company.

Full backup

A full backup is indeed what you think it is. It is the kind of backup that caters to all of your company files, regardless of size or importance. Every single data, document, files, or information is copied to a data backup source in order to be used as a recovery tool in case there is any accidental or intentional data removal in your computers. Your IT support Portland can help you process the full backup of your company data in the most efficient way. However, you need to understand that since you are opting for a full backup, the process of copying your files will take longer. But when the time comes when you need to restore any data is stored, the process is fast.

Incremental backup

In this kind of data backup, the only full backup is for the initial backup. The next backups cater to whatever changes are created from the first backup process. This means that when your company first backed up your data, the full data is stored in your chosen data storage. And the modifications or additions to that previous data are added to the storage as they come. This entails that if your company lost the data from your computers, the restoration from the incremental backup is longer, but the process of backing up is so much faster.

Differential backup

Your dedicated IT support Portland can of course assist you with all kinds of data backup. And with the differential backup, the process is quite the same in many ways to the incremental data backup. Only the initial data backup is full, while the data storage is added with new information as they happen. But with the differential data backup, there is a need for more storage space compared to the incremental backup. And this type of backup differs from the last one in the sense that in differential backup, the data restoration is much quicker, and the backing up process is fast too.

Mirror backup

The fourth most popular data backup type is called the mirror backup. This happens when your company data is copied exactly as they are from your computers or other sources. In this data backup process there is no old data or documents. Everything is fresh and accurate. However, the risk here is when the old data is deleted, they cannot be restored. SO you need to be very careful and let your IT support Portland manage the mirror backup for you in a more efficient and expert manner.

Importance of data backup

Without a shred of doubt, a data backup is exactly what your company needs to protect your business from complete data loss. If there are possible mistakes in handling data in your computers, your data backup can save the day since you can easily restore the data that is lost. Without a data backup, y could lose every single data that is important for the production, operation, and success of your company. You need to make sure that you opt for a data backup so when the time comes to get your data back, you know that the process is possible.

How to choose the best data backup for your company

There are so many data backup options available for your company, and your highly capable and professional expert IT support Portland company can definitely help you with that decision. Discuss the data backup options with them, and figure out which one is more suitable for your system. Remember that what works for the other companies may not actually work for your business. So have a sit down with your IT support and determine the best course of action.


You must never take granted the need for your business to have a data backup. It is something that could save your company in the long run, especially if cyber criminals are able to breach your network and system, and destroy all your confidential data. Once your data is lost, it would be very hard for your business to stand again and start over. So make sure that you make the right decision and choose a data backup that is compatible and moist suitable for your business. And it would be best of you make that important decision together with your highly respected and trusted IT support Portland.

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