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Cybersecurity Consulting Portland Oregon Non-Disclosure Agreements

As a business owner, you do need a cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon to handle your network and system security. They are essential for the success of your business, and so you need to outsource your IT security needs because it is more cost-effective that way. You need to understand that building your own cybersecurity department will cost you a fortune, since you would need to purchase servers, hardware, programs, applications, and hire the best cybersecurity professionals to comprise your cybersecurity team. And you need to pay for the overhead cost, additional office space, utility, insurance, and many more expenses that comes with hiring your own company employees. So by outsourcing, you can actually save a lot of money. You simply need to pay a fix monthly fee or whatever package you choose to take advantage of from a reliable cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

However, before you sign on the dotted line with your chosen cybersecurity consulting firm, you need to make sure to draft a non-disclosure agreement or NDA, and have the IT security company sign it. It is crucial to have an NDA, and you must never work with any cybersecurity consulting company without one.

What is an NDA?

An NDA is also called a confidentiality agreement or CA, secrecy agreement or SA, proprietary information agreement or PIA, and confidential disclosure agreement or CDA. It is a binding and legal contract that involves your company and your selected IT security consulting company. The contract includes the detailed information about the confidential data or information that both parties decides to share with one another, but agrees to never expose any single detail outside the parties involved. This written and legal contact outlines the necessary information about what the deal is all about and for both parties to honor the agreement and never discuss any of the details to any person, entity, or organization that is outside the clause of the contract. Both parties from your company and the cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon are even prohibited from speaking about the contract to family, closest friends, priest, colleagues, and most especially, the IT security consulting company must never, ever, divulge any confidential information to your competitors.

Benefits of Non-disclosure agreements

An NDA is an essential part of your contract with the cybersecurity consulting company that you will hire for your business. It is a contract that is absolutely legal, and any of the parties involve can face serious consequences if the NDA is breached and trust is broken. Let us look at the benefits of an NDA for your business, concerning your new IT security consulting firm.

Prevents information leakage

It is imperative to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your hired cybersecurity consulting company in order to bind them to a contract where they cannot, in any way, share confidential information from your company to others. Your chosen cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon must at all cost keep your company information a secret from others outside your business. They cannot talk about what they do for your company to their family or friends, and of course they are bound by the NDA to never betray your trust, no matter how much money or bribe is offered to them by your sleazy competitors in the industry.

Keep new products a secret until launching

One of the main reasons why you need to hire the best cybersecurity consulting firm in the country is to protect the data about your new company product a secret. You know that cyber criminals are out there, waiting to make a move on your network and system in order to steal confidential data regarding your new innovation. But of course you can never let cyber crime happen in your company. And with the outstanding help of your new IT security consultant firm, your new products are safe from being stolen, exploited, and copied by your envious competitors. And to keep your data more secure, you need to have your new cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from leaking your secret advancement to the public, or to other companies that develops the same type of product as your company does. And with the NDA, you are completely confident that your network and system are safe, as well as your vital product information.

Can NDA truly secure your company data?

A non-disclosure agreement is a piece of paper that is legally binding, and both parties or one party faces legal consequences of even one aspect of the agreement is not followed. But of course, those who signed the contract are all humans, so there is still a chance that the NDA is not followed to the letter. That is why it is crucial to hire only the most trustworthy IT security consulting firm in the country. Your company needs to be in partnership with people who can keep their words and stand by their signed contracts. And so when you pick a cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon, you need to do proper research and background investigation that can account for the trustworthiness of your chosen cybersecurity consulting company. You need to always keep in mind that a binding and legal NDA is sometimes not enough to keep a person from selling confidential information to the highest bidder. And so choose wisely.


Without a doubt, a non-disclosure agreement is essential for your business and your professional relationship with your new IT security consulting company. You need to be thorough with your investigation regarding the people that comprise the cybersecurity consulting firm, to ensure that they are a trustworthy bunch and they have a good reputation in the industry. Bear in mind that when your company needs cybersecurity professionals who are incredibly discreet, and who can be trusted one hundred percent. Never leave NDA off the table when you sign contracts, and trust in your selected cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon, especially if they have excellent records.

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