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Cybersecurity Consulting Portland Oregon Black Hat Hackers Reformed

Cybersecurity Consulting Portland Oregon

Cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon is a decent job that is suitable for any person with an education and background in Information Technology, Computer Science, and other related courses. There are many IT service companies that offer cybersecurity consultations, and they are comprised of brilliant individuals who are dedicated to protecting the networks, systems, hardware, and data servers of their valued clients. These cybersecurity professionals spent their time enhancing their talents, honing their skills, and expanding their knowledge in order to be better at their jobs. Most of the time, these type of IT professionals are white hat hackers who are committed to finding faults in their client’s networks and systems in order to create a fix or patch that will keep cyber criminals away from the company. But, the thing is, it is not only white hat hackers who can become cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon. Black hat hackers can turn a new leaf and transition to the good side too. In fact, there are many cybersecurity consultants who were once black hat hackers who penetrated hundreds of networks and systems in order to gain considerable amount of profit for personal use. But like all other people in the world, black hat hackers do have the right to change their ways and become one of the good guys.

Why black hat hackers become cybersecurity consultants

Black hat hackers are indeed a formidable force in the dark web, and they are sometimes better at hacking and penetrating systems than white hat hackers. However, when these cyber criminals suddenly turns good and transfer to the side of white hat hackers and legit cybersecurity consulting firms, then they must have good reasons for doing so.

Part of the deal

When black hat hackers are finally caught by the authorities, they are of course forced to face the severity of their crimes and answer to their sins. However, there are also times when the skills of the black hat hackers are recognized by the law and instead of locking them up completely, these hackers are given a chance to be part of a cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon. They work for the government, and instead of staying as black hat hackers, these evil doers become white hat hackers in order accomplish their part of the deal. This is sometimes the case because the government can make use of the talents and skills of the hackers to serve their purpose.

Personal decision

As hard as it may be to fathom, but black hat hackers can transition into good guys due to a personal decision. After all, it is also their personal choice to become on the dark side of the web. Whatever may have triggered the change of heart, black hat hackers are entitled to change their minds and become the kind of hacker that they want to be. No one really has the right to judge, since every person in the world can turn good or bad anytime they desire to be. And when black hat hackers are turning into good ones, then that is definitely a huge win for all cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon.

Start their own cybersecurity consulting firm

It cannot be denied that the need for a reliable and strong cybersecurity in every company is crucial to the survival of every business. That is why no one can really blame the cyber criminals for wanting to turn their illegal business into a legit one. Though it is true that black hat hackers earns a lot in their quest to penetrate networks and systems and gather data that they can sell or use themselves, it is always better to earn money from a clean source.

Attack of conscience

Black hat hackers are human beings too, and they do have a heart and soul, no matter how black they may seem to be. And so as difficult as it may seem, black hat hackers can definitely have an attack of conscience and change from the color of their hats from black to white. They may have come to a point where they feel sick and tired of doing bad things, and they now want to live a new life as cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon. Indeed, being a black hat hacker can take its toll on a living breathing human being, and leaving that kind of life is good for every cyber criminal in the world. An attack on conscience can be triggered by many factors, and it is absolutely great if the black hat hackers who gain back their positive perspective in life and business can continue towards the path of goodness.

Good and positive influence

Black hat hackers do have friends in their circle, as well as in the white hat field. And they could be turning towards the light because they are highly influenced by their white hat hacker friends to join their cause and become one of them. And for cyber criminals it is quite hard to turn their back from what they are used to. But becoming cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon is a wise decision. Not only will the black hat hackers finally have the opportunity to do good, but they can also avoid legal actions from their victim companies and organizations. They can stop looking over their shoulders and live a good life, and eat well knowing that the food on their table comes from working honestly. And a positive influence from dear friends can definitely make that happen. And even if the good influence come from non-technical friends, it is an influence that every cyber criminal should take advantage of.


It is never easy to get out of a comfort zone and change everything. But black hat hackers do have a chance to do good in this world, and maybe they need a huge push. And when they finally find the light and transfer from one dark corner to the bright one, they become great at cybersecurity consulting Portland Oregon.

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