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Cyber Security Portland Typical Cyber Attacks They Can Handle

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Nowadays, the threat to your business is no longer just your strongest company competitor, but you are also facing the biggest threat of cyber attacks that are launched by hackers to cripple your cyber security Portland. A cyber attack is an intentional and purely malicious attempt of cyber criminals to access your company network and system and steal your significant data in order to exploit them for their own personal gain. It is a deliberate attack on your company that seeks to cripple your business for personal reasons, political advancement, or simply to render your business useless in order to give the advantage to other companies similar to yours. And in most cases, a cyber attack has money involved, because cyber criminals do not perform hacking activities simply for the fun for it. They do what they do because they earn money from it. And so they maliciously creep into the network and systems of their target companies and organizations so they can fill their pockets with dirty money.

Typical kinds of cyber attacks

Your cyber security Portland faces different kinds of cyber threats, and that is why it is imperative that you choose only the best IT support service company to handle your cyber security. Do not entrust your company’s security to an IT service company that has a bad reputation in the industry, no matter how affordable their services are, or even if you are personally friends with the IT company owner. Never take your network and system security for granted, and invest only in the most reliable technical support company. You simply cannot afford to jeopardize your business in any way. And with the most trustworthy IT service support, you must learn about the most common types of malicious cyber attacks, so you are aware of what can happen to your network.


The most typical cyber attack is caused by a malware, which is actually a form of a malicious software such as worms, viruses, ransomware, and spyware. A malware defies your cyber security Portland by looking for a vulnerability in your network. This cyber attack usually happens when you or an employee opens an email attachment or link that contains a malware that do harm to your company network. When a malware successfully enters your network, it is capable of the following malicious acts:

  • The ransomware can prohibit you from gaining entry to the main components of your own company system or network.
  • Install more malicious software or malware that is harmful to your network.
  • If a spyware gets inside your network, it can steal your company data by accessing them from your hard drive.
  • A malware can restrict you and everyone from your company from accessing your own network, system, and data storage.
  • Once your network is breached, the cyber attack can render your business useless and you cannot continue to operate as usual.

And to avoid compromising your cyber security Portland, you need the skilled management of an IT support company to solidify your cyber security.

MitM or Man-in-the-middle attack

The MitM is also referred to as an eavesdropping attack, where a hacker incorporates himself into an ongoing transaction between your business and another party, like with an investor or client, or even from you and your company network or data storage. The cyber criminal attempts to intercept the traffic between the two parties, and they filter the data coming in and out and steal the data they are after. MitM cyber attack usually occurs in the following setting:

  • This kind of attack mostly becomes successful when you are using a public and not secure Wi-Fi. The cyber criminal can insert themselves in the midst of your network usage and device. Without you realizing it, you are already transmitting your important data to the hacker, and not towards your data storage or to the other party.
  • If a malware successfully gets into your network and system, the cyber criminal can then install a malicious software in order to gather all your confidential information.

And so as much as possible, only access your company data using a secure network, so your cyber security Portland will not be compromised.


Phishing is a typical cyber threat that is mainly focused on the transmittal of deceitful communications that seems to look like they are from a trustworthy source. The purpose of phishing is to steal personal or company information that mostly deals with company log in data and credit card information. Many companies fall victim to this kind of trap, and so it is crucial for every member of your company to be properly trained by your IT support team regarding the facts about phishing and how to identify emails that are not good.

DDoS or Denial-of-service attack

This kind of cyber attack involves flooding your company network, server, and system with false traffic in order to considerably deplete your bandwidth and resources, so your system will fail to accommodate genuine requests. As a result, you lose the opportunity to gain more paying customers. And that is definitely not good for your cyber security Portland.

Zero-day exploit

The zero-day exploit is a kind of cyber attack where the hackers take advantage of the vulnerability of a network, and cyber criminals launched their attacks before a resolution or network patch is administered to your system.

SQL injection

SQL or Structured Query Language injection is about implanting a malicious program into a company server that utilizes SQL, and this code forces the revelation of confidential data.

DNS Tunneling

DNS tunneling is not all bad. It is actually a protocol that enables the communication with non-DNS traffic. However, DNS tunneling can also be used for hiding legitimate company data in order to route them somewhere else where cyber criminals can access them. This malicious attack can cripple your network and system and compromise your cyber security Portland. And if you do not want this to happen, then hire IT support.

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