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Cyber Security Portland Risks for your Business

Cyber Security Portland

Since we want to protect our business, the first thing to do is that we must identify the risks. These risks are what we must focus on in order to avoid cyber security breaches, attacks and threats. We know that cyber attacks have been growing and it even threatens our small businesses. They are considered as an attractive threat because the information and data they hold is what the cyber criminals and hackers want. Cyber Security Portland further indicated that commonly, small businesses lack the resources and infrastructure that large companies have in terms of security. So, what are the risks that your small business must focus on in order for you to at your utmost abilities, prevent these cyber attacks and cyber threats.

            According to Cyber Security Portland, the first thing that small business should focus on is the people they have, their employees and everyone in the business. They have been considered as the weakest link for businesses in terms of cyber security. Especially if your people are not composed of experts in terms of IT and technology related subjects. They won’t have the slightest idea that what they are doing is being harmful to the company. They can fall for phishing emails, click and download attachments or documents that may contain viruses and malwares. This kind of scam can end up in your business losing money and lots of it. Employees are even considered to be a great liability in terms of cyber security because of their lack of knowledge in this area which you cannot blame them since this is not their expertise, so what you have to do is to help them be knowledgeable in this area since you would not want to compromise you cyber security because you don’t want to spend a little for a seminar or training for your beloved employees. They play a vital role in the cyber security of your business, according to Cyber Security Portland, so we should invest, even if we are only a small business to get them information about how in their little way that can protect the IT infrastructure if your business and your technological resources. You do not want to just simply get rid of employees if they lack this kind of information, especially if they are performing best in the area that they are supposed to do. It is a good thing to support and reinforce them by educating them in terms of cyber security. They should understand also that if they are careless, the risks that may happen and the damage that a cyber threat and attack could do to a business. That’s how vital it is to have them informed and knowledgeable enough.

            Also, Cyber Security Portland advises that your company should also focus on its passwords. Your small business must create passwords that are difficult to guess or considered to be strong passwords. There should also be a two-factor authentication, this can help you get updates on whether someone is trying to access your account and provides you a code. You will know that when this happens and you did not try to log-in your account, someone is probably trying to access it without you having an idea who it is. When you are to create an account be sure to enforce it with strong passwords so that you will have no problem and you further increase the security of your account, according to Cyber Security Portland. You should even consider putting it a company policy that the passwords should be updated at least once or twice every two months. Also, you should inform your employees and warn them to never share their passwords with anyone. It is very important that passwords are kept secret and private.

            More so, Cyber Security Portland will reduce the risks of experiencing threats and attacks through the regular management of security patches. Cyber Security Portland knows that it is important that you are always updated on everything especially in terms of cyber security. Patches are included in this updates, this means that the system has found out a vulnerable area and they created a patch to basically patch that vulnerable area, and your cyber security is good to go.

            Cyber Security Portland also informs you that another part of your company that is considered to be its weakest link are those companies connected to you. Given that you have invested in Cyber Security Portland, and do everything you can in terms of securing your business, and here you are feeling confidents, but the problem is, the hacker and criminals are not targeting your business directly but is targeting through business that are linked to you and who has weak cyber security. So, what you need to do is that even before you give them data and information, be sure that they have a reliable Cyber Security Portland, give them advice in terms of cyber security. That aside from them, they too can affect other companies that are related to them. In this way they will do their best to secure their business too because they know that they might lose a good partner in business because they neglect their cyber security.

            Cyber Security Portland also indicates that another way that you could have neglected your cyber security is through the practice of having to bring your own devices in the office, which are commonly laptops. You can’t control these devices because it is a personal property of the owner, thus, you are sacrificing a lot in this kind of practice. You should not allow your employees to bring such devices, especially if you know that they have access in the data and files that your computer has. They can easily copy it and use them for their own benefit. They can even sell your files to your competitors which we know that you do not want to happen. That is how important cyber security is and the risks, according to Cyber Security Portland.

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