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Cyber Security Portland Protects Against Phishing

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Cyber criminals are brilliant individuals who are using their skills for the wrong acts. They constantly challenge themselves and throw threats on cyber security Portland to find ways to access their target networks and systems. That is why you must never take your network security for granted, and you must hire only the best cyber security professionals in the country. You need to understand that cyber attacks come in different forms, and one of the most popular means of targeting your network is through the use of phishing.

What is phishing?

A phishing cyber attack is all about hackers sending false message to you or to your employees through your company email, and then unleash a malware that could cripple your whole network and system. The phishing email looks like it comes from a reliable and trustworthy source, so no one can suspect really that is something not good for your company. And that is mostly why you need to make sure that your cyber security Portland is absolutely prepared to handle cyber attacks from phishing. Also, your IT support team must make time to create awareness company-wide regarding the seriousness of phishing and what harm it can bring. When everyone in your company is already aware of the phishing threats and how to identify such form of communication, then your business can be spared from the malicious attacks that many companies in the country are a victim to.

How dangerous is phishing?

Your cyber security Portland team must warn everyone about phishing, because it is not only launched to attack employees using work emails, but it is also distributed in personal emails. This type of cyber attack targets your personal credit card data, and so they can use your cards to purchase items for their selfish needs. And with regards to company cyber attacks, phishing is usually the beginning of ransomware attacks and APTs or advanced persistent threats. So your IT support must up their game and always protect your network and system from phishing.

Company protection from phishing

It is not a good thing to be a victim of a phishing attack, and the good thing is there are ways that your company can prevent this kind of cyber attack from happening to your network. Let us discuss some details about the prevention of phishing in your company.

Tighten network and system security

It is crucial that there are no loop holes in your network so that phishing attacks cannot find their way into your system. However, there are really times when the emails received looks so legit, you or one of your employees could possibly open it and unintentionally release malwares into our system. So you must have your cyber security Portland team to put a tighter leash on the emails received by anyone in the company. Your IT support can write codes that intercept suspicious emails, or emails coming from unknown sources. If your employees cannot receive malicious emails, then there is a much lower risk of them opening phishing emails.

User education

It is vital for your company to undergo a training program that talks about phishing, so everyone in your company will know just how serious this cyber attack is. Have your IT support train your management team and employees on ways to determine a phishing email, and have them report such emails to the IT department so they can deal with them. User education is indeed a very useful tool that your company can do to prevent phishing from creating chaos in your network and system. So go ahead and spread the phishing awareness, you your business is spared from such malicious cyber attack.

Forms of Phishing attacks

Your cyber security Portland team can handle the phishing threats in your company, and together with the help of your employees, you can definitely beat this cyber attack. It is also important to know the kinds of phishing attacks so you are all aware of what to look for.

Spear phishing

This attack focuses on individuals, though it can target a person from your company and use that employee to access your company network.


This cyber attack goes for the big fish, like the company owner or CEO. The hackers profile their targets meticulously, and deliver the phishing attack when they least expect it. And when big shot executive are targeted, the cyber criminals can get more data since they have extensive access to the company.


Pharming is about sending false and malicious websites to target victims, and the bogus website contains malicious codes that are used to gain entry to your network. Even if you key in the right URL, you are still redirected to a fake website where the cyber criminal can slip into your website DNS.

Misleading phishing

This type of attack is typical, and many have fallen victim to this. It takes in many forms, but the most common deceptive fishing is when your supposed bank sends you an email asking for all your personal information. You are sent a link to fill out, and all the information goes to the cyber criminal, and not really to your back. This is such a huge disaster if your company financial team can be lured into providing the data asked for. And so you need to make your cyber security Portland team educate all your employees to watch out for this kind of damaging emails and links. Just imagine the amount of money that can be stolen from your company if one of your employees is not aware of this kind of phishing threat.

Office 365 phishing

This phishing attack mimics the account of Microsoft and sends you an email that asks for your log in information, especially the reset of your password. This phishing attack targets users to expose their log in information so hackers can penetrate your computers and exploit your data. So ask your cyber security Portland to tighten your network security.

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