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Cyber Security Portland Professionals Qualifications

Cyber Security Portland

Hundreds, if not thousands of people are aiming to get a job as cyber security Portland professionals. But, not everyone can land this job because of the many qualifications that surpasses the regular requirements of an IT support. In this post we will talk about what you need to have in terms of documentations and personality to allow you to be qualified for a work in cyber security.

The role you must fill as cyber security professional

As an ideal candidate for the cyber security professional position, your role includes:

  • Protecting the company data, network, system, server, and assets against the attempts of cyber criminals to attack the company.
  • Create and distribute the user access and controls of every person in the company.
  • Establish security measures and safe protocols that safeguard the entire company from cyber criminals.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the company by ensuring that no data is lost, and protecting all the sensitive information of clients or customers.
  • Assess the latest trends in cyber security in order to better protect the company that is in need of cyber security Portland.

Working hours of cyber security professionals

As an aspiring cyber security professional, you need to understand that your hours are flexible, and you must not demand good hours to work. Show your dedication to the company by agreeing to all hours, even the odd ones, to perform your task. You will have a flexible schedule, so must have the capability to work at different shifts, and have the energy still to work the next day even if you have been assigned the night shift.

Education and Licensing Qualifications

You cannot just simply apply for a job as a cyber security Portland professional without being qualified. These are the most typical qualifications for your chosen career path:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Information System, and other courses related to technology and computer.
  • Over 4 years of cyber security or similar experience, may it be through internship before or after college graduation, or it could be an actual work in the cyber security industry.
  • For you to be considered as a likely candidate for the cyber security professional position, you must possess advanced certifications of SANS GCIH/GCIA/GIAC, CASP, CISPP, and or SIEM
  • You must have a Level 2 baseline certification of DoD-8570 IAT or Security+ CE or something similar at the beginning of your new job.
  • Extremely wide comprehension of the TCP/IP, traffic flows, typical protocols and networking ports, OSI model, system administration, usual security elements, and defense in depth system.
  • In order to qualify as an applicant for the cyber security Portland professional position, you need to have an actual experience in the assessment of scalable logs, company network information like FPC or Netflow, and firsthand knowledge about artifacts of attack that could support any security investigations.
  • You should have an extensive knowledge and experience with regards to scanning solutions for network and system vulnerabilities.
  • Expertise in the program of DOD Information Assurance Vulnerability Management
  • Extreme efficiency with the following: Network Forensics, Anti-virus, Full Packet Capture, HIPS, Host-Based Forensics, ID/PS, and RSA Security.
  • Profound understanding of the engineering, design, and process of one or more SIEM Platform, such as ArcSight, Enterprise Security Manager of Nitro or McAfee, Splunk, or LogLogic.
  • In-depth experience in the creation and execution of signatures like HIPS, Snort, YARA, and Suricata.
  • In order to know that you can handle cyber security Portland, you must have comprehensive knowledge about the following: operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android for computer and mobile devices, Unix basic commands, Unix in general, and VMware technology.

Three primary skills needed for Cyber Security Professionals

To becomes a great cyber security professional, you need a lot more than exceptional technical skills to survive the pressures of this industry. You also need the following skills:


During your job interview for the position that you want, your interviewer will check if you are a strategists. As a cyber security professional, you must possess the attitude of proactivity in times when the security of the company is challenged by cyber criminals. You must be quick to find immediate resolutions to technical issues, and know how to keep your cool while you weigh the potential consequences of your actions. A strategist cyber security Portland professional must always stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. And so you must have the skills to think ahead and outsmart hackers by finding out how hackers usually infiltrate a network or system and create countermeasures even before the can launch their attack.

Lifetime learner

You need to be passionate about cyber security, enough that you are willing to dedicate your life in learning new things about this subject, and you will continue to evolve in your job. It is crucial for your potential boss to see how important this job is for you, and that you will never let your mind stagnate. You need to show your dedication, your love for cyber security, and your commitment to become the best in the industry. By showing your true intentions of becoming a lifelong learner, you will surely give a great impression to your interviewer, and you are sure to be considered as the new cyber security Portland professional in their company.


Your job in cyber security does not only imply that you handle the security of the network, system, server, and data of the company. It also means that you will need to communicate with different levels of company management, as well as deal with the employees to create awareness about the serious threats of cyber crimes. You need to have the confidence to speak in public, communicate properly with every single employee, and be able to talk in layman’s term regarding the relevance of cyber security. Your job may include training new ITs or giving orientation to new employees, so you better have great communication skills in order to qualify for the role as cyber security Portland Professional.

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