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Cyber Security Portland Facts About Hackers That Threatens

Cyber Security Portland

The cyber security Portland is always at risk from hackers, especially if the business has no IT service support. It is crucial for your business to work hand in hand with the best technical support company, so they can safeguard your whole network, system, and server against the malicious acts of cyber criminals. However, though you know that hackers exists and they can cause havoc to your business, do you truly know what they are? And so in this post we will discuss about the facts about hackers that you may not know about. It is our goal that you comprehend exactly what hackers are capable of, so are better prepared to face them together with your chosen IT support service company.

What is a hacker?

A hacker is actually a highly trained computer expert with a solid background in Information Technology. He maximizes his developed skills in computers, software, hardware, and computer coding to cause harm to computers, networks, systems, and servers. As a cyber criminal, a hacker uses digital exploits and bugs in order to cripple the cyber security Portland of their target victim. Basically, a hacker is a talented human being who utilizes his computer skills to illegally access another computer, system, network, or server in order to get his hands on the confidential data of a business or an individual. His goal for his cyber attacks is to steal money, render a business network immobilized, achieve popularity in the dark web, damaging a network, and many more. But, no matter what the reason for hacking is, the type of hackers falls into three categories only. And you need to know this information so you can better solidify your cyber security Portland together with your IT service support.

Three kinds of hackers

The technological world is filled with hackers, and it is important that you can distinguish them from one another. There are different kinds of hackers, and they are the black hat hacker, grey hat hacker, and white hat hacker. Let us talk about each type of hackers in order to broaden your understanding about this kind of computer and Information Technology experts.

Black Hat Hacker

The Evil Doer Hacker or what is commonly called a cracker is a bad hacker who is filled with all the bad and malicious intents. He uses his expertise to steal data, gain access to money, cripple a system so it goes offline, and he even goes the extra mile to completely destroy a system, network, or server. This type of hacker gain access to confidential data of a company or individual so they can profit from them by selling the data in the black market. or by exchanging their stolen data for money as payment for data ransom. A black hat hacker is mostly popular among the police, since there are mostly a lot of money involved. And in order to protect your company from black hat hacker, you must increase your cyber security Portland with your chosen IT support company. You must never sacrifice the safety of your network, system, devices, and server just to save a few bucks. You must hire the most competent IT support company to handle your cyber security, so you can completely protect your business against the skills and talents of black hat hackers.

White Hat Hacker

The Savior Hacker or a white hat hacker is still a hacker, but works with good intentions. This kind of hacker offers his hacking skills and services in order to help a company defend its network, system, computers, and server against bad hackers or the black hat hackers. A white hat hacker signs a contract with their client in order to prevent legal issues in the future, and they are given permission to use their hacking skills to counter the attacks of the black hat hackers. And mostly, the white hat hackers are employed by a company to find the vulnerabilities of their own company in order to address those weaknesses and keep their company network and system extremely secure. And though a white hat hacker hacks the network, system, and server of their client, their job is actually not illegal since there is an unmistakable consent to do so. Though this strategy is somewhat crazy for some, this process can actually be beneficial for your company. You need to find out how black hat hackers can get into your system, and you must not wait to find out the hard way. By allowing a white hat hacker to test the solidity of your cyber security Portland, you will know exactly how safe and foolproof your system and network really is. And when you finally know what vulnerabilities you have, you and your IT support team can find ways to patch up the weaknesses and give resolutions to make your network and system more secure.

Grey Hat Hacker

The Neutral or Mercenary Hacker is someone who has extensive computer and Information Technology knowledge and skills. He is not really black hearted, nor he is a savior hacker, but he is more like a hacker who likes to have fun and earn a living at the same time. This type of hacker challenges your cyber security Portland for the excitement of it, and he can also choose to steal data from your server and sell them to the highest bidder in order to gain profit. The grey hat hacker is not really as intense as the black hat, but what they do is still not legal in all terms of the law. They penetrate systems and networks without consent, and they steal data and sell them. The only difference between the black hat hacker and the grey hat hacker is their conviction. The black hats are more of the serious type, while the grey hats are more on the fun side. But whatever kind of hacker they are, both are still a threat to your cyber security Portland.

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