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Cyber Security Portland Cyber threats to Avoid

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Our everyday operations, activities and work to be done are being created and do using our technological resources. However, there are cyber threats that are inevitable and must be put to stop so that it won’t put your business in danger. Generally, according to Cyber Security Portland, there are two types of cyber-attack, one is called passive and the other one is active attacks.

            Let us start with passive attacks, this type of attack does not make any changes, deletion or any modification to your data and information. However, they can see right through your data, observes it and analyze it and even copy it for their own personal gain. You may not find this harmful, but the data that is collected from your business or institution is put to risk because they can be seen by this hacker and this may bring potential harm to you and your clients or anyone’s information that you hold. Since this type of attack is not active, you won’t feel its effect thus it is very hard to detect since they are not trying to break into the system.

            According to Cyber Security Portland, some of the attacks that hackers or cyber criminals might do to your business that you would not notice for example is a traffic analysis. With a traffic analysis, your hacker can view everything about your network, like those who visits your website, files that people can download and the likes. Also, your hackers can eavesdrop. With this passive attack, they can hear and read communications like phone calls and emails. Also, another passive cyber-attack is called scanning. This type of attack is when your hacker can identify the network vulnerabilities of your system such as a weak operating system or like open ports in your system.

            Another type of cyber-attack, according to Cyber Security Portland are active attacks. These attacks can be easily seen since they pursue to modify your data and information and obtain them. Usually, these attacks have occurred when you have your data changed, or even your IT infrastructure and system. Some of the attacks that do this are what you called denial-of-service attack, this is an example of active attacks where your services are being disrupted and they are being overloaded, you cannot even render them and it will be made unavailable for your users. Also, another example of active cyber-attack, according to Cyber Security Portland, is spoofing, this type of attack is when emails that have sent to you are not them or just pretending to be someone they are not.

            Also, Cyber Security Portland includes what they call message modification as an example of active cyber attack which modifies your message during the transmission, so, your receiver might receive a modified message and changed your message in some way. Furthermore, another example of an active cyber-attack, according to Cyber Security Portland are viruses and malwares. This is the most common and the most famous way of active cyber-attack. This cyber-attack is design in a manner that they will intrude your network or system, and damage them and obtain information that are critical and sensitive. This type of cyber attack is often spread using emails or downloads that would look like legitimate. This are being used by hackers and criminals to make money or when they have political motivation to hack or actively attack you.

            There are different types of malware, according to Cyber Security Portland, one is called a virus, this is a program that self-replicates, just like a virus, it attaches into a host, in this case a clean file so that it can spread in your system and basically infecting your files. Another example of malwares, according to Cyber Security Portland, is a trojan, this malware is pretending to be a legitimate software and users then are being tricked into getting trojans into their system, not that it just collects data, it also damages them severely.

            Furthermore, another example of a malware is called a spyware. This malware records what you do in your computer, and with that, hackers or cyber criminals will be able to get important information from you, and you do not have even a slightest idea, they can even get credit card details and bank information from you by observing your actions. Next is called a ransomware, this type of malware lock’s your data, files and information, and even threats you that the hackers or cyber criminals will erase them if you don’t pay them.

            Another one, according to Cyber Security Portland is called an adware. This type of malware enters through advertising software. In this way, they spread the malware and you will see how it affects your computer or system later on. There is also a malware called botnets, when this kind of malware infects your computer, the hackers and cyber criminals can do online tasks without you giving them permission or authorization, they are somewhat pretending to be you and doing actions that you have no idea of. Those are just some types of malwares that could enter your system. With the threat it poses, and danger that you may experience if you let them in, you better be aware of how to avoid this threat and keep your technological resources safe and even your IT infrastructure.

            In this way, Cyber Security Portland can help you, they can provide you the cyber security you need like having your software and operating system always updated, which means that you also get the latest patches for security. They can also provide you anti-virus software that are essentials in the business, its like your first line of defense and detectors of virus. Also, they can guide you on creating strong passwords, so that your accounts are well protected, and are very safe. They can even create security for your internet, network and the whole business system. Thus, if you want to have your cyber security up, you must call in and ask for help from Cyber Security Portland.

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