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Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon Threat Management

Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon
Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon

Cyber security companies Portland Oregon are conducting threat management for their clients, and your company must not be left out. Do not get contented with the old ways where cyber security companies simply wait for the cyber attack to happen before they act and do something about it. And truth be told, there are still cyber security companies that follow the same rules, and that that is not productive for their clients. So for your own company, choose a cyber security team that offers a proactive form of threat management rather than using the reactive method. In this post we will discuss both techniques, so you can clearly see that proactive threat management works more efficiently.

Pitfalls of reactive threat management

The old ways will tell you that it is best to wait for the cyber threats to become real before your cyber security companies Portland Oregon must act upon them. This is cost-effective for some, since companies do not need to spend money or resources on cyber problems that has not happened yet. However, the greatest issue about this methodology is the absence of proactivity that is badly needed to ensure that no hacker can penetrate the network and system in the first place.

The reactive threat management puts your company in a defensive position, which is quite good since your cyber security team is ready for any cyber attack,. But, they may be ready, but they are not completely prepared to face what is coming. All they have are theories and protocols on what to do, but they lack the necessary actual experience to see the fight through. This kind of threat management puts your company at a disadvantage, since your cyber security team does not have the needed skills to stay ahead of the cyber criminals. And as they lie in wait for something to happen, the hackers are honing their skills to do a better job at cracking the network and systems of their target businesses and individuals.

This threat management strategy is perfect for compliance purposes, where your cyber security companies Portland Oregon follows the traditional structure of security implementation for every company. But, when it comes to security, the reactive threat management is not 100% effective in its fight against cyber crimes. And so when you choose the best cyber security company in the country, hire a team that offers proactive threat management for the sake of the security of your own business.

Advantages of proactive threat management

When your company is in need of a more solid and efficient cyber security, you need must opt for a cyber security company that can is highly skilled in a proactive method when it comes to threat management. This means that your company will take proactive measures to ensure that your network, system, data storage, and server are efficiently protected against all kinds of threats. Let us look at what are needed to be done, and the advantages that this kind of approach brings.

Complete IT environment assessment

In a proactive threat management route, your chosen cyber security companies Portland Oregon will conduct a thorough assessment of your IT environment. They will do this in order to find out if you have a foolproof IT environment, as well as they will check your company processes and how applications function in your company. The cyber security team must review all the details about your company, may it be about IT or the business side so they are better prepared on what areas of your business do cyber criminals will have interests on. By knowing the aspects of your business that needs more protection, your new cyber security company can put security in place to prevent even the hint of cyber attack.

Validation testing

In order to determine of the cyber threats do have the potential to penetrate your network and cripple your system, your new reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon will test the strength and efficiency of your system against a cyber attack. This means that your network will be tested by having the cyber security professionals attack your network and see if they can gain access. But you do not have to worry because the intentional attack on your network is simply to figure out if there are vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of so the real cyber criminals cannot launch a cyber attack on your network and succeed.

Develop a stronger defense

It is the job of your dedicated cyber security company to design, develop, and execute a stronger defense for your network and system against cyber crimes. They are responsible for making sure that your security walls are solid and cannot be penetrated. By working with a cyber security team, you can rest easy with the fact that your network is meticulously assessed and tested in order to expose any vulnerability that could potentially be the hole that cyber criminals are looking for in order to access your system. You simply need to trust in your cyber security companies Portland Oregon, since they know exactly what they need to do so your company stays secure and no harm is done digitally. Because once your network is compromised, it could easily lead to the cease of operation in the entire company.


Threat management is a crucial aspect of cyber security that you need to take seriously in order to maintain the safety and integrity of your business. Invest in a proactive method of threat management so your company can grow without stressing too much about cyber security. It is quite normal to get threatened by hackers form time to time, but if you are working hand in hand with the most reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon in the world, then your company’s digital security is surely in good hands. All you have to do is make sure that you hire a company that promotes proactive threat management, instead of the reactive method.

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