Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon For Individuals

Cyber security companies Portland Oregon are not only beneficial for businesses and organizations, but they are also needed by individuals. You may think that it is a bit too expensive to hire a cyber security company to handle your personal computer, network, and other devices. But the risk of not doing so is something that you cannot afford to have. As long as you are active online, you have a computer, smart phone, tablet, and social media accounts, then you can be a potential target of cyber criminals. And your risk of being targeted increases if you work for the government, financial institutions, and high-profile companies. You need to protect yourself from cyber crimes, and invest in your own digital security. In this post we will discuss about how cyber security plays a huge role in your life as an individual.

Role of cyber security for individuals

It may be true that the company you are working for is heavily protected, but you as individual also needs to have cyber security companies Portland Oregon by your side. Cyber security is for all companies and organization, as well as individuals, and here we will talk about why.

Prevent Identity theft

You may have seen it in the movies, but it is true. Identity theft is not only a fictional problem created by script writers, but it is a real and scary prospect that you must never take for granted. Hackers often crack networks, computers, and other devices of individuals in order to steal their identity and either use it themselves, or sell the information to someone else. Once a cyber criminal gets into your computer or other devices, they will get everything they need that allows them to copy your identity. That is because people usually save their personal information online, and on their devices. You probably never log out from your social media accounts in your laptop or smart phone, never log out from your email in your tablet and computer, and probably even have a section in your devices where you save the password to your computer at work, and other log in information. Everything there is to know about your life is in your technological gadgets, and cyber criminals can easily access them, unless you seek the help of cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Avoid credit card fraud

One of the most common issues in the world right now is credit card fraud. Thousands, if not millions, of people had fallen victim to this, and it could have been avoided if they hire a cyber security company to take care of the protection of their network and devices. If someone else gets access to your credit card information, they can use it to make purchases that you would need to pay for. And since the hackers already penetrated your account, they can make it so it seems like you did approve the purchases. Cyber criminals are very smart, and you need to be wary of them especially if you are not tech savvy. As an individual, you need to make sure that your credit card information is highly protected. Do not give hackers a reason to easily steal your information and spend your money on purchases that you will never be able to benefit from. Safeguard your devices and digital world by hiring the most reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon in the country. Once you have the assistance of a cyber security professional assigned to your case, then you can sleep soundly at night knowing that no cyber crime can come to your doorstep.

Prevent computer hostage

Cyber criminals are very sophisticated in their skills to hack your computer and gain what they need for monetary reasons. Often, they inject malwares into your computer that renders your device useless unless you pay them to free your computer from their own malicious coding. This is what is referred to as computer hostage, where you as the computer owner cannot use your own device because a hacker has gotten into your device and make it inaccessible to you. You only get access to your computer again of you pay the ransom, which is mostly high in figures. You are given a timeframe to pay up, and it is not usually long enough for you to get help. And of course you can decline to pay up the ransom, but you would need to do so if you have confidential and important data stored in your computer. And hackers are indeed smart. They only target computers that they know contains information and files that their owners cannot live without. And so if you want to avoid being a victim of this type of cyber attack, then it is time to have a sit down with a reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Safeguard personal information

The internet is filled with personal information that is freely given by users. But there are still personal information that you cannot afford to make public, like your credit card information, social security number, insurance data, and other financial information. You need to protect your personal information to avoid all sorts of theft regarding your life. And you can only do that if you have professional help from a highly recommended cyber security companies Portland Oregon.


As you know now, cyber security is not only meant for companies, government offices, and organizations. It is also intended for individuals who have a digital life. You must always make sure to protect yourself from cyber criminals so no one can steal your life, or use your credit cards, or make your computer hostage, or other disasters that hackers can cause in your life. Invest in this level of protection in order not to regret not doing so in the future. Always keep in mind that cyber criminals are smarter than you, and you need some smarter than hackers to protect you, like cyber security companies Portland Oregon.


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