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Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon Facts

Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon

The rapid growth of cyber crime in the world is quite alarming, but businesses can still operate securely thanks to the help of cyber security companies Portland Oregon. Hackers continue to learn new things about cyber security and how to crack it, so your company must not be complacent about cyber security. Take note that cyber attack can happen in different forms, and they target your company network, system, hardware, computers, mobile phones, tablets, company website, applications, data storage, cloud, servers, and even your company’s social media accounts. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for possible vulnerabilities in your network so they can penetrate and complete their mission. And so it is crucial that you hire the best cyber security company in the country to create a thick and solid digital wall of protection for your entire business.

What exactly is a cyber security company?

The cyber security companies Portland Oregon are businesses that cater to the providing of cyber security services to companies that needs extra protection for their networks and systems, so they can prevent cyber crimes from happening to their businesses. This kind of company is comprised of cyber security professionals who are highly skilled in cyber security, and can handle the fight against cyber criminals.

And it is extremely recommended that your company hires a cyber security company so your business can avoid being breached by hackers. You cannot afford to be lenient with your security, especially when cyber crimes are rampant in the world. Always protect the integrity of your company by securing all the confidential data of your business, investors, and clients. Remember that once you lose the trust of people involved in your company, it will be harder to climb the ladder of success. Much worst, if your network is compromised and your system is jeopardized, your business may have a hard time standing up again and you may never recover from the cyber attack.

Risks of a cyber breach

The fact is, out of ten small businesses, only four barely survives, and the six companies typically close in half a year after the cyber crime is committed. This is especially true with business that lacks the assistance of cyber security companies Portland Oregon. When a breach is successfully done by a cyber criminal, the business faces the following risks:

  • Risk of damaging the company reputation, which often lead to the closing of the business due to trust issues. No one will dare trust you anymore after compromising the confidential data of your company. So you can either push through with your business, re-market your brand, and hope that you can recover from the cyber attack, or you can close and start again.
  • When your company is breached, the risk of losing loads of money is highly probable, since it is the goal of cyber criminals to cripple your business and steal whatever they can from you. They can steal your company money, steal data to sell to your competitors, or take your system hostage until you pay up.
  • If your company network and system is breached, you can also face legal fines for failing to safeguard the data of your customers. Your company could face lawsuits and it you could go bankrupt in your attempt to pay off every single customer who filed a case against you.

That is why it is crucial that you get the help of a professional cyber security companies Portland Oregon to ensure that you never have to face any of the cyber attack risks. It will cost you money to get this level of cyber security. But if you think of all the things that can happen if you do not have a solid cyber security in your company, you will realize that spending on your protection is much better and more cost-effective than losing everything if cyber criminals breached your network and system.

Typical misconceptions regarding cyber security

Cyber security is known all over the world, but truth be told not all individuals, companies, or organizations truly understand what it implies. There are still many misconceptions about cyber security, and that is one of the reasons why businesses do not give serious thoughts about hiring a cyber security company for their businesses. Let us look at the typical misconceptions that lead mostly to digital disasters:

  • Companies think that because there is a firewall in their computers, they are safe from hackers.
  • Businesses believe that just because their company websites have an HTTPS encryption, that means that their website is impenetrable and cannot be subjected to cyber attacks.
  • Many business owners believe that it is the job of the website hosting platform to protect their site against hackers, and so they fail to hire cyber security companies Portland Oregon.
  • There are people that still think that because they rarely go online, they are safe from hackers.
  • Small businesses do make the huge mistake of believing that only large companies are the targets of cyber criminals.

Well, all the misconceptions we listed are proven to be wrong by cyber security professionals. A firewall is easy to breach by seasoned hackers, and an HTTPS encryption falls when cyber criminals with high-tech hacking tools targets your website. And though the hosting platform does have the responsibility to protect your website and other sites, they can only do limited protection. You need to get the assistance of cyber security companies Portland Oregon to secure your site more strongly. Also, just because you do not always go online, you are safe from cyber crimes. As long as you have a computer, or mobile phone, you are an easy target of hackers. In fact, hackers would love that you rarely go online, so you will notice anomalies in your system. Lastly, small businesses are often the most vulnerable companies, so hackers target them most. And to prevent cyber criminals from making your network into a sport, you must hire cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

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