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Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon

Since cyber risks and attacks are continuously changing and evolving, here are some of the attacks that a small business or any business should take into consideration, it is important to be aware of what you are avoiding so that you will know when it comes and get the proper help from Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon. One of this attack is called an inside attack. This type of attack happens when an employee of your company, with sufficient and administrative access in the system, purposely used the privileges they have to gain access to data and information that are confidential and sensitive. The usual culprit for this kind of cyber attacks are former employees that have left the company they use to work in bad terms. So, when this happens, the former employee can purposely create a negative impact and effect in your business. In order to avoid this, according to Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon, you should have a protocol in your business that contains the revocation of an employees’ access when they leave the company.

            Another type of attack is called a malware, Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon indicates that the word malware is only short for the words malicious software. This type of attack is any type of program, that when enabled entry to a computer system or network can cause significant damages and even gain access even if the person is unauthorized, this happens if you accidently click a fake attachment or download it, usually the types of malicious software that the hackers used and infiltrate your system are viruses, trojans, ransomwares, spywares, and worms. Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon can create tools and programs in order to avoid being a victim of malicious software that were aforementioned. Next type of attack is called an MitM, this is short for Man in the Middle, this type of attack happens when a transaction is being made. The hacker usually accesses the transaction and serves as someone in between you and the person you are making transaction with. The hacker interrupts your transaction and the information that you exchange with another person or business is being stolen by the hacker or the cyber criminal. This happens if you conduct an important business transaction or other transaction using a public Wi-Fi network. This can be very dangerous since malwares can easily steal very important data and sift through your information and transactions.

            Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon also indicates that there are attacks called password attacks. There are different types of this attack, one is called brute-force, this happens when the hacker or criminal manually guesses your password until he gets access in your system. Another type of password attack is called a dictionary attack, this attacks makes use of a program that allows one to get different combinations of words from the dictionary to be used as a password in password guessing. Lastly, keylogging is a type of password attack where it makes use of the keystrokes of the users so that it can determine the usernames and passwords of the user or individual account that they are trying to access. Furthermore, another type of attack is called phishing, Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon indicates that this type of attack is very common and the preferred method of many hackers and cyber criminals to steal important information and data. They usually obtain sensitive information, your login information and credentials, your credit card information. All this by using a fraud or fake but legitimate looking website and application where you are forced to create a fraud login attempt in which you will be giving them your data information. Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon reveals that the common victim of this kind of attacks are those who are non suspecting, thus, will easily believe that the phishing attacks pretending to be emails are legit or true. Some hackers and criminals are even using advance phishing methods such as spear phishing, this is a type of attacks that requires for one to have knowledge and skills that uses social engineering to make their victim fell that the people they are interacting with are legit.

            Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon includes in the list the attack called ransomware. This attack enters your machine using a malware and they will demand a ransom for it to be remove. This attack locks up you account, blocks you from using your system and also your network, restricting access. When this happens, they will ask for money as ransom to get back to your usual business operations, however, what the hackers sometimes do is they do not return the access and even sells the information that they have gathered from you to different companies and people, usually your competitors and enemies. This attack is considered as the fastest growing type of attack and develops in a short amount of time in conducting a security breach. Also, an attack called SQL injection attacks is added on the list. According to Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon, this type of attack has been used for four decades, and it still being used today. The acronym SQL stands for structured query language, and it is one of the main languages used in coding in the internet. However, even though it was intended to be beneficial, it has been considered as an easy way for codes that are malicious to enter the business website that you have. When the injection of the structured query language is successful, hackers and criminals can gain access to your business and organizations’ data and information. It can even modify your database, conduct downloads and manipulate devices. Through this injection, a hacker can obtain sufficient amount of data and information and even control to your system. Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon advises business to seek IT support especially when it comes to cyber security. We must protect our businesses, the data it holds and the important information it has. It will be possible if we acquire services from Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon.

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