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Cyber Security Companies Portland Facts about Black, White, and Grey Hackers

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The technological world is full of hackers, and generally companies are somewhat threatened by hackers because of all the things they can do to a business. But, with the reliable assistance of cyber security companies Portland Oregon, your business can be safe from hackers.

Damage done by hackers

Hackers can do a lot of things to your business, which includes, but not limited to:

  • Stealing company data and using them for their own purposes, or selling the confidential information to the highest bidder.
  • Taking a computer hostage for ransom, and wait for your company to pay up before they release their hold on your device.
  • Send malicious email attachments that contain computer codes to disrupt the daily operation of your business.
  • Exploit company information regarding your employees, investors, clients, and customers.

Indeed, there are more evil things that hackers can do, but they can be stopped by a dedicated cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Three kinds of hackers

Often, we refer to hackers as just that, hackers, or cyber criminals. But the fact is, there are actually three types of hackers in the world, and they serve different purposes. For people who are not closely affiliated and familiar with the digital or cyber world, they would find it hard to believe that there is actually a good hacker, same as there is a bad one, and a hacker that comes in between good and bad. Let us discuss now the differences between a black hat hacker, white hat hacker, and grey hat hacker.

Black hat hacker

The black hat hackers are those people with dark intentions and hacks for their own personal gain to profit from their targets. These are the kind of hackers are the evil cyber criminals who steals data for the purpose of profiting from them, and worst, they destroy what is in their paths just to get what they need. These are hackers have extensive experience, and they have exceptional hacking skills that they use to create chaos in companies, organizations, and government offices. The black hat hackers work to prove that they are good at what they do, and they are often involved in espionage, paid by company competitors, or they are simply getting high from the utmost thrill of hacking. But whatever their moves are, black hat hackers can definitely be stopped and crushed by the best cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

White hat hacker

The white hat hackers are also called ethical hackers, and they are actually the good hackers. These hackers are the exact opposite of the dark ones, and they work for private or public companies that deal with cyber security. White hat hackers earn their living by hacking into the network and systems of their paying clients in order to find out if there are exposed vulnerabilities that the company needs to know about and fix. They are doing legal works that involves hacking, but their skills are used for the good, and not the bad. Typically, once white hat hackers are able to penetrate a network, they stop and allow the cyber security team to patch the breach and improve their security measures. In short, white hat hackers are in the same ground with  cyber security companies Portland Oregon. They are tasked to do good, and perform their work for the ultimate good of their clients.

Grey hat hacker

The grey hat hackers are those who stay in the middle between bad and good. These kind of hackers are doing illegal hacking since they hack into a network without the owner knowing, and if they find weaknesses or vulnerabilities, they would inform the owner and ask for a fee for what they found out. If in case the owner of the network or system does not pay up, then tendency is the grey hat hacker exposes the vulnerabilities found for other hackers to see and exploit. So generally the grey hat hacker is not bad, but not good either. It would be best for their target networks and systems to pay up, rather than test the humanity of the grey hat hacker and have their weaknesses expose to the whole world. And of course, any company or individual can fight off grey hat hackers with the help of cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Who qualifies as a hacker?

Truth be told, anyone who can use a computer can actually quality as a hacker. Contrary to many beliefs, people do not need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information technology, or other similar courses just to be a hacker. Though of course, their education in proper school is definitely helpful to becoming a hacker. But many hackers learned on the streets, being tutored by master hackers and learned to develop their skills considerably. And when people become hackers, they still have a choice to either be a black hat hacker and do bad things, or be white hat hacker and work for an established cyber security companies Portland Oregon, or choose to become a grey hat hacker who hacks without pure evil or pure goodness and stay in between.


Now that you know the facts about the three kinds of hacker, you can be better prepared for the cyber threats that float around your company. You now know that you can absolutely rely on white hat hackers to help you seek for vulnerabilities in your network, and that the one you need to be wary about are the black hat hackers. However, grey hat hackers are dangerous too, especially if you get into their not so dark side. So what you need to do is completely trust in the good work that your cyber security companies Portland Oregon can do for your business. And make sure to spread the information to your employees regarding the hackers, so they are also aware what kind of hacker they would potentially deal with if cyber attacks happen.

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