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Cyber Security Companies Portland Company-Wide Awareness Program

Cyber Security Companies Portland

Your hired cyber security companies Portland Oregon for your business has an important task to create a company-wide awareness program to every single employee you employ. It is essential that every member of your company is fully aware of the cyber threats that are lurking around, so they know how to help your company fight against cyber criminals. Your employees need to understand that they have a role to play in keeping the security of your network, system, and server.

Why employees need to be aware of cyber security

Employees in your company have different jobs, but they are not tasked for your cyber security. But, they must be aware of the serious threats that your company faces regarding cyber security. Your employees must understand what cyber crime is, and how they can identify such threats to your company. Everyone associated with your business must be made aware of cyber security through your reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon because of the following:

  • Hackers can easily send emails to your employees that contain attachments that are coded to have malwares. And the emails can look authentic too, so any one of your employees can open the malicious files and open your network and system for a cyber attack.
  • If your employees are not careful with their log in details, hackers can easily crack their computer access and steal the needed information to launch their attack. That is why it is important to let your employees know how to create the strongest password, and never to save them in their computers or devices.
  • Cyber criminals have the knack for imitating emails from banks or other companies, and they may send emails to your employees asking them to provide their log in information for a password reset. Or for people in your accounting team, hackers may ask for sensitive details about the finances of your company, and your employees believe that it is a legit request.

There are more scenarios that allow the cyber criminals to access your network and system through your employees. That is why it is crucial to let your cyber security companies Portland Oregon to handle the company-wide awareness program for your all your employees.

Strategies to perform the employee awareness program regarding cyber security

The cyber security company cannot just blurt things out to your employees regarding cyber security. They would need a plan to do so, in an efficient manner.

Come up with a plan

Cyber security is a vast topic that cannot be covered in one meeting, and there are many aspects of this information. Your cyber security team will come up with a plan on how to disseminate the information to everyone in your company. They would start of course with the basics, and move on to more complicated stuffs about cyber security. The sessions for awareness should be done in a number of meetings, to ensure that your employees will not be overwhelmed with technical data that they may not be able to handle altogether. So yes a plan is indeed needed and a good one at that.

Cyber security training

You need to understand that not all people in your company are tech savvy, so your cyber security companies Portland Oregon should conduct trainings with your employees to make them aware of the serious dangers that cyber threats bring to your business. In your point of view as a business owner you may think that implementing such training is a loss for your business in terms of productivity, but if you really ponder about it, you will surely realize that it cost so much less for your cyber security team to do the training with your employees, compared to the damage that cyber attacks would bring to your company if one, just one employee is not aware of how to maintain cyber security and make the mistake of allowing hackers in unintentionally. So make this training happen, and make sure that every employee participates. Because once everyone is at par with each other regarding your cyber security, you have one thing less to worry about in terms of the protection of your network, system, and server.

Education about cyber security policies

Your reliable cyber security companies Portland Oregon needs to have a plan in place just in case cyber criminals are successful in breaching your company network and system. You need to let your employees know what they need to do in case of a breach, though you do not have to expose every single detail of your plan. Let your cyber security team educate them on the policies, and what they need to do in their end if a cyber attack happens. You must never keep your employees in the dark, because they have their own mind too, and if they are loyal to your company, they may work to protect your business without your approval, and that could end up badly if they are not in the know of what is going on. So have your cyber security companies Portland Oregon educate all your employees on what they can contribute to your business if cyber criminals penetrated your network. Ask everyone to cooperate with your cyber security team, and work together to survive the cyber attacks.


Your employees are hired because they show great potential to be productive in your company and contribute a lot to the success of your business. But they also need to do their part to help protect your business by looking out for potential cyber attacks. They need to understand that cyber threats are not just methods to scare off a business, but they are real. Real enough to warrant a company-wide awareness program to be conducted by your dedicated cyber security companies Portland Oregon. Once your employees are fully aware of how cyber attacks work and how to avoid them in their capacity, your business becomes a more safer place to work and prosper.

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