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Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon and Public Wi-Fi with Hackers

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When you gout of your house that has Wi-Fi, you often look for a place where you have access to a public Wi-Fi which is free for you to use. And to tell the truth, you are always ecstatic to be able to connect to the internet freely. But, connecting to a public Wi-Fi actually poses a lot of risks, which can be dealt with when you hire the assistance of cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Hackers have love affairs with Public Wi-Fi’s

The fact of the matter is, hackers absolutely love public Wi-Fi’s, and they consider it their exciting playground. Millions of people get hacked because they use public Wi-Fi, and their personal information is stolen and used for something else, or worst, sold to someone else. And then you will be dealing with identity theft. A public Wi-Fi is not a secure network, no matter how relieved you are for finding a connecting to a free signal. Because there is no cyber security in a public Wi-Fi, hackers enjoy hacking into the network and choose among the hundreds, if not thousands of people using the same free internet for their victims. And so what you may view as a great convenience, is actually a risk that you cannot afford to take. This is especially true if you have confidential information in your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet that you use outdoors connected to a public Wi-Fi. If you own a business or work for a high profile company, then you better not use free internet data to log in to your company system. And if you have credit card information or other personal data about yourself on your devices, then do yourself a favor and hire cyber security companies Portland Oregon to handle your security, and stay clear of public Wi-Fi.

Facts about public Wi-Fi

The use of public Wi-Fi poses tons of risks. Let us talk about the dangers so you are aware of what can happen to you personally, or to the company or organization you are working for.

MITM Attack

When you use a public Wi-Fi, you are at great risk for an attack called MITM or man-in-the-middle. This happens when hackers takes a peek at the exchange of information and data between you and the website that you are visiting while connected to a public Wi-Fi. The cyber criminals use the information they got from your communication to exploit you as an individual, and worst, jeopardize your company’s system from what they found out. With the use of public Wi-Fi, hackers can intercept whatever data is being exchanged, and use them for their selfish purposes to earn money. So unless there is nothing to lose or be worried about, do not use public Wi-Fi for personal or business reasons. Ask assistance from your cyber security companies Portland Oregon on how to use a secure Wi-Fi, and not rely on public Wi-Fi, no matter how strong or valid your need is.

Connecting to rogue hotspots

Rogue hotspots are everywhere, and you can accidentally connect to them without realizing it, and then everything comes loose. This is a type of connection that is set up by hackers, and the hotspot contains the same name as the real public Wi-Fi. If your device is tricked into connecting to a rogue hotspot, then the cyber criminals will have a fun field day intercepting your data, especially when you communicate with your company or office regarding important business matters. The hackers can freely look into your device and steal whatever they fancy from your data storage. That is why cyber security companies Portland Oregon strictly advice against using public Wi-Fi to all their clients.

Tips for staying safe while using public Wi-Fi

Yes it is true that using a public Wi-Fi is not advisable, but there are indeed times when you have no other choice but to log in to a free internet data. When this happens, there are tips that are beneficial for you to remember.

  • Use a VPN or virtual public network when you connect to a public Wi-Fi. By using a VPN, you can secure your connection even of you are utilizing a public Wi-Fi.
  • When you are using a free Wi-Fi connection, make sure that you refrain from logging in to your private accounts like your email, bank, or social media accounts. Hackers can see them and take note of your sensitive information if you are on a public Wi-Fi, so be careful in your actions. Use the free Wi-Fi only for streaming movies, watching video channels, playing games, or other activities that do not require logging in using your username and password.
  • Have a talk with your cyber security companies Portland Oregon about the ways that you can implement to keep your devices and information safe when you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi. They know better what to do, and they can create codes or install protection to your devices.
  • Make your that all software in your devices are updated, because hackers often creep into a system or device through the outdated software.

The world is truly a scary place, even when provided with a public Wi-Fi to freely use. It is always best to have cyber security companies Portland Oregon by your side to help you figure out the things you need to do in order to keep you devices and data safe when connected to a public Wi-Fi.


Public Wi-Fi’s can be found all over the country, and they are convenient to use especially for people who does not have personal data to connect to. However, you need to be aware that you could potentially compromise your personal security with the use of a public Wi-Fi. So always be careful when you connect freely to the internet. Use the VPN just to be sure, and also, do not disregard any advice given by your cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

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