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Common Mistakes of New IT Support Portland Managers

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IT support Portland Managers are humans and not machines, and so it is quite normal to make mistakes sometimes. But, in the world of IT and cybersecurity, a mistake could mean the crippling and destruction of the businesses of their clients. And often, rookie IT managers make mistakes involving the people they are managing, which leads to more disasters within the IT support company. Worst thing is, the mistakes inside the firm can greatly affect the valued clients of the company. And so here in this post we will talk about the common mistakes that new IT Managers make. In knowing these mistakes, you will have better chances of avoiding the same mistakes so you can become better at your task at managing IT support specialists and company resources.

Does not give real time feedback

As an IT manager it is your responsibility to manage IT support specialists so they can perform their tasks better. But it is a common mistake for the manager to wait for the performance evaluation time before giving feedback to whatever mistake the IT support Portland professionals in the team has done. And by the time of the performance evaluation, it is already too late since more damage has been done. For example, if your people are not staying ahead of the black hat hackers, you simply allow them to get beaten without giving them the feedback that they need. If you do not provide real time feedback for what they are lacking, then they could spend a long time messing up in your client’s networks and systems. It is better to always act immediately especially if you notice anomalies in the jobs of your people. Always keep in mind that if mistakes are made in cybersecurity, the loss could be super devastating. And you as the new IT support Portland manage will surely be held accountable for the actions of your people.

Ignoring your team for some reason

Without a shred of doubt you are always busy with your job as the new IT support Portland manager. But, you also need to understand that your team needs a leader that will pay attention to their needs, and will listen to their ideas. No matter how busy you are with paper works or meetings with your own bosses, or handling clients, or whatever it is that you are tasked to do, never take your IT support specialists for granted. Allocate a time where you can eat lunch together as a team, or perform a simple and short team huddles every morning to motivate them to work better. So never ignore your team. Always avoid the same mistake that many IT managers do, because if you follow the footsteps of the wrong, then you end up being resented by your people.

Too much trust in the subordinates

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a team of IT support professionals that trusts each other. You have the duty to trust in the capabilities of your people, but as many IT support Portland managers all over the globe has found out, too much trust is not good. Be a firm and just leader that trusts the subordinates, but at the same time double checks their work. A lot of IT managers made the mistake of trusting everything that their people do without question, and they mostly end up regretting their decision because the mistakes blew up to their faces. If you give tasks to your IT support specialists, make sure that you can trust them with the job, and monitor their work as well. By checking before implementation, your team of IT support professionals can learn from their mistakes if there are any, and they will learn to value the chain of command.

Too much friendliness

IT support specialists do love it when their bosses are friendly to them, but one mistake that many IT managers make is becoming too friendly with their people. Friendship is not bad. In fact, successful teams of IT support become more successful when all the members of the team get along well with everyone. But, as the IT manager you must draw the line. Be friends with your subordinates but do not let them cross the line. Show them who is boss inside the office, and be friends with them outside the office. Always remember to set boundaries with your whole team in order to contribute to the success of the IT support company that put their trust in you to bring the firm to the pedestal of success.

Inability to define objectives

You are placed in this position for a reason, and that is to complete the objectives of the company you are working for. There are IT support professionals assigned under your command, and they expect to find out their roles in the IT support Portland company and what they are expected to do. Do not make the same failures of many IT manager wherein they failed to communicate the true intentions of their IT service company to their people. It is crucial that you know how to communicate well with your people, and make things clear to them regarding what are expected from their services as IT service specialists.

Not setting a good example

Do not make the mistake of letting your new IT manager position get into your head. There are managers that come to the office late and leave work early, and they think they can get away with it because of their newly acquired position. Set an excellent to your people, so they can see that you are abiding the rules of the IT support company. Always come to office early, leave later, and take scheduled breaks only. Most of all, never practice favoritism in your team of IT support Portland professionals. Doing so will only create a huge gap in your group that will be too hard to patch up. Always walk the talk, and be good.

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