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Co Managed IT Services: Facts About Computer Viruses

Co-Managed IT Services are excellent for any business because the information technology professionals handling this kind of fantastic support are highly skilled and talented in safeguarding the cyber security of their clients. Also, the ITs working for this type of service are knowledgeable in various aspects of cyber security, especially when it comes to computer viruses. Indeed, it would be best if you were very careful not to welcome viruses in your computers in your company. They are malware that has the capability to replicate themselves, spread through your computer system, and they can undoubtedly impact your company data by destroying the files in your computers or corrupting them. Aside from that, computer viruses can also alter the codes of your installed software programs and bring in the code of the black hat hackers to manipulate your computer software. Indeed, there are so many bad things that a computer virus can do to your computers, but the viruses can indeed be stopped through a Co-Managed IT Services.

Symptoms Of A Computer Virus Infection
If a computer virus has taken hold of your computer, there are actually signs that will allow you to determine if this is the case. Let us look at what those symptoms are:
Pop-up windows are growing in number and are more frequent than before.
An email account is sending mass emails without your consent or participation.
The computer system constantly collapses, or your computer screen frequently freezes.
Untimely degradation of the performance of the computer.
Password changes without you or anyone else doing it.
Unknown computer programs start to turn on without you installing them.
And so, if you have noticed the mentioned changes in your company computers, then it is likely that a computer virus was able to find its way into your device. The viruses must be stopped in order to bring back the balance and performance of your device, and that can be arranged through the assistance of the information technology professionals working on a Co-Managed IT Services.
Also, it is essential to know that there are different types of computer viruses in the world, which are: boot sector virus, macro virus, resident virus, web scripting virus, browser hijacker, file injector virus, direct action virus, polymorphic virus, and multipartite virus.

Exciting Things About Computer Viruses
Computer viruses are indeed scary and dangerous, but there are also interesting facts about them that you should learn about.
In 1991, Tequila was the first computer virus that existed under the polymorphic category.
“Commander-A” was the first smartphone virus that came out in March 2005.
Facebook is willing to give $500 to anyone who can prove that there is a vulnerability in their system, such as a computer virus.
The first Norton anti virus software was launched by Symantec in 1990.
Prior to the existence of computer networks, computer viruses were spread through floppy disks.
The first Windows OS virus was called WinVer 1.4. with the first .exe file as Grove, and the first boot virus was designed by the Farooq Alvi brothers.
Studies show that men between the age of 14 and 25 are the dominant creators of computer viruses.
90% of all emails actually contain a malware, such as a virus or a worm.
There are over 6000 new computer viruses that are developed every month.
For sure, the facts about computer viruses are scary, but the information technology professionals who are in league with a Co-Managed IT Services can definitely help with this issue. And to learn more about computer viruses, here are additional facts:
The MyDoom computer virus caused a massive damage to companies that amounted to $38.5 billion.
In 1990, computer viruses were only 50 in number, but now there are over 50,000 computer viruses in existence.
I love is the most viral computer virus of all time.
No matter how many anti virus software programs are available in the market, not one of them has the total capacity to detect all kinds of computer viruses.
The US is the country with the highest cyber threat of a computer virus, and next in line is Russia.
The worst MS-DOS computer virus ever created was called Michaelangelo.
In 1999, Microsoft and other large companies stopped their email system due to the mighty Melissa”, which was a micro virus.
These interesting facts about computer viruses are essential to learning so you have a clearer picture of what viruses can do. And if you want to learn more, the ITs in Co-Managed IT Services can surely fill you in. The information technology professionals are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to prevent computer viruses from damaging your computers, so trust in them and allow your in house IT department to join hands with a third party IT support company.

How To Protect Company Computers From Viruses
It is indeed crucial to protect your company computers against the viruses for the betterment of your office productivity. Ad the best way to safeguard the integrity and data of your computers is to install an anti-virus software on your devices. The information technology professionals handling the merge of IT teams in a Co-Managed IT Services can do their jobs in preventing the computer viruses from infecting your computers, so let them perform their duties with your full support.
However, it is best always to take the time and ponder carefully on what kind of anti virus software program to install on all your computers. The thing is, you can actually try out all f the top anti virus software and see which one yields better results on your computers. It would be like a competition, and the winner will surely get the top spot and will be used for all your devices moving forward. But of course, have the brilliant and intelligent ITs monitor every progress of the anti-virus software to make sure that when the black hat hackers attack, your company is ready to face them and fight them through the most exceptional Co-Managed IT Services.

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