Choosing the Best Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon

The security of your company relies mostly on the efficiency of your cyber security companies Portland Oregon. That is exactly the reason why you need to make sure that you hire only the best in the industry. And since there are so many of this kind of company in the country, it is quite understandable why you feel overwhelmed in choosing just one. Of course, you need only one cyber security company to work on your network and system. It is not like hiring a janitorial company where you can possibly have one company working for the day shift and another for the night shift. The work of a cyber security company must be synchronized in all areas of your business, network, system, data storage, and server. So only one must be entrusted with the job of protecting your business against cyber attacks and developing technologies to thwart cyber threats. However, it is indeed a dilemma to hire one, because all of the cyber security companies Portland Oregon all claim to be the best in what they do. And so we have compiled a list of things that will help you decide on which cyber security company to hire among the many options.

Check years of operation

Experience is absolutely required when you hire a new cyber security company for the ultimate protection of your company against cyber criminals. You need to look for a firm that has been providing excellent cyber security services for years. Nothing can really experience, so make sure that the company you are interested in has been for years and had accumulated unmatched experience in the field of cyber security.

Check years of experience of the cyber security professionals in the company

It is not enough that you check for the company’s years of experience in the industry. You also need to find out if the cyber security professionals that currently comprised of the company have years of experience as well. Remember that a cyber security company can exist for 10 years in the industry, but it could have cyber security professionals who are fresh graduates. Make sure that determine the real situation so you will not end up with novices who are out to gain experience, rather than make a huge difference in your cyber security. However, it is never bad to hire a newbie. But, they can practice somewhere else and probably in the years to come, come back to work for you. But right now what you need is a cyber security companies Portland Oregon that is extremely experienced in handling cyber security in terms of their company years of life and the years of experience of their cyber security professionals.

Services offered

Like other companies that sells the same end-user products, the cyber security companies in the country are also providing the same end result to their clients, which is excellent cyber security. However, they differ in the services that they offer, as well as the means of providing the services. Let us look at the most typical services that cyber security companies Portland Oregon offers to their clients.

  • Assessments of vulnerabilities on your network and system in order to determine, assess, and formulate a level of vulnerabilities in your network and system. And so the cyber security professionals can categorize the vulnerabilities depending on the level of risk that they bring to your company.
  • Penetration testing is another vital service that your new cyber security company must offer. This process involves the attempts of cyber security professionals to penetrate your own network in order to check for vulnerabilities. They use the same techniques, tools, and expertise as the cyber criminals in the real world. However, the attempt to creep into your system is a test only, to try to see what they need to patch up in your system. The penetration testing is simply to find out if the real hackers can indeed gain entry to your network and cause disruption to your system.
  • It is also part of the service of cyber security companies Portland Oregon to perform a breach simulation on your network and system. This process is different from the traditional testing techniques, since it involves utilizing the social engineering, distraction, and maneuver skills that aims to show the effect of a cyber attack breach to your company.
  • The cyber security company must also offer their dedicated services in creating awareness and educating your whole company about the serious threats of cyber attacks, malwares, and hackers. Every single employee that you hire must have the proper foundation of cyber security and understand just how a cyber attack can cripple your business. Your employees must also be prepared for the potential breach in your network and system, and they should know how to do their part in preventing cyber criminals from accessing your network and compromise your company system.
  • Your chosen cyber security companies Portland Oregon is also responsible for developing the necessary tools to fight against hackers. They create technologies that will secure your network and ensure that your system is impenetrable. It is crucial to make your network strong and extremely safe, so you can protect not only your company data, but also the integrity of your whole company.


The cyber security of your precious company must be your top priority. Because no matter how successful your business is, no matter how much revenue you earn every month, no matter how fast your growth is, or how many new buying customers to gain every day, all of that can worth nothing if your network and system are not secure and cyber criminals can penetrate your company easily. Truth be told, you can lose everything in just a few seconds, so make sure that you arm your company with the necessary weapon to fight cyber crimes. And you can only do that with the expert assistance of a highly experienced and high recommended cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

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