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Can One IT Support Portland Company Serve Two

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Your IT Support Portland company is established not give out charity works, but it is built so you can do the job you love while you earn loads of money from the IT services you provide to your clients. And so it is normal to have as many clients as you can handle, since multiple clients surely ensures additional profit and financial stability to your IT service firm. However, since you are constantly marketing your IT services all over the country, it cannot be avoided that you end up getting recruited by two companies in the same industry, producing and selling the same line of products. And when this happens, you ask yourself if it is ethical to sign up for both clients. And truth be told, it is absolutely okay to serve two alike companies, as long as the right protocols are followed in your IT Support Portland company.

Inform both companies of your intentions

First of all, you must start a business relationship with honesty. Let the two companies know that they are both vying for your IT services. You must be straightforward about this fact, and not hide this secret and serve them both without them knowing. When the truth comes out, you could face a huge lawsuit that your profit from both businesses cannot even begin to cover. So make sure that both of your potential clients know the situation. If they choose to stay with you because of course your IT support company is the best in the country, then accept them both as your new clients, but make sure that you let all parties sign an agreement that everyone involve knows about the circumstances.

Assign different teams to the two companies

For obvious reasons, you must create two IT Support Portland teams, and each team is responsible for the cybersecurity and network security of each of the company. You must assign one IT manager for each team, and both teams must not have access to the other team files about their assigned clients. Make sure that you reiterate this operation to both parties so they are confident that their company secrets are not leaked or revealed to their competitor. It is quite normal for either companies to be highly concerned about their company data and security, so assure them that you teams are the best in the industry, and they are extremely professional enough to keep data safe and secure. Remind the two companies that they chose you among the hundreds of IT support companies in the country because you perform the best IT services jobs. So they must put their trust in you and your people, or else they are free to look for another IT service firm to handle their cybersecurity and network security.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for the two teams

It is always better to be prepared, so have your two teams sign an NDA regarding their respective assigned clients. Your IT Support Portland professionals must swear and make sure that whatever they discover inside the company that they are handling, they will keep their mouth shut and must never share any information to their colleagues outside their own team. But of course you already know that each member of your company can be trusted completely, and no one will ever betray your trust, and the trust of their assigned business. But even if you trust your people unequivocally, you still need to put things in writing in order to cover your company in case things go out of hand in the future.

Constant follow-up from you

As the owner of the IT support company, it is your responsibility to oversee everything that is going on inside your company. And now that you have two companies that manufacture and sells the same line of products, you need to up your game and make it a point to regularly check up on what is happening with the two companies. Though you have IT Support Portland managers who handle each team, you still need to have a hands on approach to make sure that there are no mistake being made. By ensuring that you are on top of the IT services, you are giving your clients peace of mind. It is important that your IT support firm succeeds in these projects, so you will know that your company is ready to handle multiple clients in the same industry. And when companies find out that you can handle this kind of complicated IT services, your target market grows significantly, which is absolutely good for business.

How to make sure that data leakage is not a threat

You must only have the most reliable and trustworthy IT support professionals in your company so you will never need to question the integrity of your people. Do background checks, not just the typical process, but something that digs deeper into the lives of your IT specialists. You can never be too sure about the people that you hire, so make sure that thorough research is done for each IT Support Portland professional under your employ. When you are absolutely sure that each member of your team can be trusted without a shred of doubt, then you know that there will never be a leak of data from either team.

Final say

It is not easy to cater to two alike companies in the same industry, but it is a huge challenge that your company cannot simply pass up. You must take on the challenge and emerge victorious, and become stronger for all the world to see. Always remember that for every accomplishment that your pride and joy IT Support Portland company brings, the more profit you gain. Always be a good mentor and leader for your people, and steer your company towards the cloud of success. Implement firmness and friendliness in your offices, and gain the respect of every IT manager and IT professionals.

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