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Brain Exercises for IT Support Portland Professionals

Your brain plays a major part in your role as IT support Portland professional. It does the thinking for you, and it absorbs tons of information over the years. And in your chosen career, you need your brain to function properly so you can be the best at what you do. However, you must not rely on the quality and functionality of your brain at all times and hope that it works whenever you need it to work. You must help your brain function, and engage in brain exercises that will help your brain become more alert. In this post we will discuss about the numerous exercises for the brain that are proven to work.

Recall testing

Test how your brain recalls information with this simple test. Create a list of anything that you can think of, like a grocery list, to-do list, list of appliances, and many more ideas. Memorize the items in your list, and after an hour or two, recall the list you made and see how many items you can remember. This exercise is perfect for you as an IT support Portland professional, especially when you are dealing with complicated codes and cybersecurity strategies. And, the recall testing greatly stimulates your brain.

Solve math equations in your head

Without a doubt you are very god at math, so test your brain skills by choosing an equation and formula, and solve a math problem in your head only, without scribbling on your paper or using your computer to write down your process of solving the problem.

Learn to play a music instrument

Music soothes the soul, and learning how to play a new music instrument helps your brain stay young and relaxed. Besides, learning to play music exercises your brain since it is too far from your chosen career path. And when you accomplish this task, you are confident that your brain is definitely up to the task as IT support Portland professional.

Draw from memory

Exercise your brain further by drawing a place you have visit in the past from memory. Be as detailed as you can, and after you draw your chosen piece, research the place in the internet and compare your drawing to the photo you find in the web. This brain test is great for keeping your mental state active and fully functional.

Indulge in jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are great for stimulating cognitive capabilities, so this is indeed a perfect brain exercise for you. This game reinforces your brain, and helps you think more strategically. Besides, jigsaw puzzles are traditional and quite fun. You can even play this game with your family and friends.

Play card games

Any card game requires your brain to work faster, and so it follows that playing card games helps your brain get the exercise it needs to stay sharp. Studies have shown that card games are brain stimulating activities that allow the brain to use every single cell in playing. However, you should engage in legal card games only, or something that is for fun. Avoid playing at secret tables or worst, gambling. Play card games that are fun and enough to work your brain and help you functions well as an IT support Portland professional. The healthy card games are solitaire, bridge, gin rummy, poker, hearts, and crazy heights. And it is better to play these card games with your loved ones, so you can spend more time with them when you are not in the office.

Increase your vocabulary

When you know more than sufficient words in the dictionary, then your vocabulary is indeed larger than others. But, do not be contended with what you know now. Increase your vocabulary so you grow smarter and wiser, as well as a form of exercising your brain. What you can do is simply write down words that are unfamiliar to you, learn their meanings, and on the next day, use those words in sentences multiple times a day. By adding words to your vocabulary, you are enhancing your skills as an IT support Portland professional, and at the same time you stimulate your brain.

Learn new dance tricks

Exercising your brain also involves dancing. Regardless if you are a born dancer or not, learn new moves of a song and learn them by heart. It has been said that dancing actually helps the process of functionality of the brain in terms of memory and speed in logical and critical thinking. There are many dances out there, and you simply need to choose which one suit you better. Your selection includes salsa, zumba, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dances. Good news is, you do not need to learn these dances on your own. You can enroll in a dance class where you get to be tutored by a real dancer and meet new people. But if you are too shy, then you can download dance videos and practice from there.

Study a new language

You may not have any need for a new language to learn and speak of, but learning can actually exercise your brain. Your brain works hard to teach you a new language, and the exercise is beneficial for your job as an IT support Portland professional. Besides, speaking multiple languages is greatly helpful in times when you encounter a client from the language of origin.

Write with your non-dominant hand

If your right hand is the dominant one, use your left hand to write anything on a piece of paper. Doing so provides a huge challenge for your brain, and this exercise energizes your brain. It is a good way to test your writing skills, improve your brain activity, and add new skills. Aside from writing, try also switching the positioning of your spoon and fork while eating. Challenge yourself on this kind of tests, sop your brain is full active at all time. When your brain is completely active, you grow as IT support Portland professional.

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