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Benefits of Cloud Backup With Portland IT Services

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Cloud backup is the efficient process done by your chosen Portland IT services company to backup all your company data into a cloud based system. This wise decision allows you to keep your data and access them through the use of numerous servers in a reliable cloud environment. Cloud backup is ideal for all types of companies, may yours be a small business, medium size, or large corporation. This backup system is highly beneficial for your company, and in this post we will discuss the major benefits of using the cloud as backup for all your company data, documents, files, and more.

Benefits of cloud backup

There is a rapid increase in the number of companies that are switching to a cloud based system in order to back up their data. You must not allow the cost of using the cloud scare you, because it is the best way to protect your company from cyber crimes and impose cybersecurity on your network and system. By having a data backup, you can shield your business from malicious attacks that cause havoc into many businesses and cripples them into failure. But if you have the most reliable Portland IT services by your side, your business is safe from the dark attempts of hackers to creep into your system. Let us now talk about the obvious benefits of cloud backup for your company.

Utilization of an existing infrastructure

Though the initial cost of indulging in a cloud backup is quite expensive, the fact remains that transitioning your business into a cloud based system is actually beneficial for you and downright cost effective. The reason for that is the fact that your company do not need to spend loads of money in buying new equipment to build your own cloud system in order to backup confidential files. In a cloud backup, you simply pay for the monthly or annual fees, and utilize an existing infrastructure that can efficiently house your company data and encrypt your files during the transfer so cyber criminals cannot access your data. Plus, the cloud infrastructure already exists, so your company will simply use it to your advantage and not spend a cent in the creation of the cloud. And with the dedication and skilled management of your Portland IT services company, the transition to a cloud based system becomes seamless and uneventful.

Security in data transfer

When you transfer your company data to a cloud based system in order to achieve extra protection from cyber criminals, you can be confident that there will be no issue regarding data transfer interruption. The IT team responsible for the data transfer works their magic so your data is extremely encrypted to the point that they become unattractive to hackers and they will not recognize them for what they truly are. And so the transition from your company data is super safe and secure while data travels into the offsite data center of your preferred cloud provider. That is why you need to choose the best Portland IT services company to oversee the data backup process, in order to ensure that the transfer is completed without any hinges.


Without a shred of doubt, backing up your company data into a cloud based system offers superior reliability compared to the traditional data servers. It is easier to recover lost files when you use the cloud as backup, and so you and your employees can work better knowing that if there is an accidental deletion of files, your professional IT support can easily retrieve the deleted data so your company can continue with its daily operation. That is why it is imperative that you choose to work with the best Portland IT services in the country so you are completely confident about the reliability and trustworthiness of your data backup system in the cloud. Trust is very important in a cloud based system, and you must have trust in order to have smooth transition and better working relationship.

Maximization of IT Resources

If you already have an IT support company working for you, then you can better maximize their resources by using them to handle and manage the process of your data backup from your traditional data center to a cloud based system. You can trust in your technical support to do a great job in the transition, since they are excellently trained to do so. And when you have data backup in the cloud, you technical support team can focus on making your network and system safer so cyber criminals cannot penetrate your system and potentially cripple your business.

Lesser cost

As a business person, your goal is to reduce company expenses as much as possible. And most of the time, the preservation and security of data is more expensive when done the traditional way. And so it is ideal that you migrate into a cloud based system which is absolutely lower in cost. Plus, you can have a better shielded network, system, and data with the superior expertise of your Portland IT services team that can handle anything about the cloud most efficiently. And, it is actually less time consuming to use a cloud data backup in terms of accessing your files, since everything is streamlined according to your company’s needs.

Discard physical backup

If you continue to follow the traditional way of backing up your data, you would need to save your data in your server, create copies on tape and DVDs, keep paper documents, and other physical methods. These physical backup is actually more risky, since they can be stolen. But with a cloud backup, you don’t have to worry about losing your data since they are all expertly encrypted. And in case of data loss, it is much easier to recover your data thanks to the professional skills of your reliable Portland IT services. With the use of a cloud based system, your data is always safeguarded with an impenetrable wall.

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