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As IT Support Portland Manager How to Manage

As a new IT Manager in your IT support Portland Company, you need to exercise your responsibilities wisely. You should know how to handle your subordinates properly in order to perform your job better. You already have the exceptional skills in cybersecurity and IT in general, as well as the skill to manage people and resources. That is actually why you were chosen to have this position in the first place. And now that you are an IT Manager, you are in the position to make your dreams into reality, and make a huge difference in the IT world. But of course, you need to make sure that you know what you need to do in order to become one of the best IT Managers in the country.

Know your role

You are not a regular IT support Portland specialist anymore, but now hold the role of an IT manager. Find out exactly what your responsibilities are according to the company rules and regulations. Get a clear picture of what your role entails, and what your detailed job is. It is crucial that you know every detail of your job, so have a serious and long talk with your boss to make things clear. Once you have the full picture of your position and your responsibilities, then you can manage your IT support specialists and the company resources properly.

Take time to know your people

There are a handful of IT support specialists who are under your command, and though you have known them for quite some time, you now need to get to know them in a professional and personal level. It is important that you profile your people and know their individual capabilities and skills. Your role as a new IT support Portland manager is greatly tested by how well you know the IT skills and personal information of the people under you. You would need to delegate tasks now, so you need to know who is good at one task and who is weak at another. This way, you know how to mold your ITs into the best that they can be under your management. By knowing your people, you can send them to IT trainings in order to strengthen their weaknesses and solidify their strengths.

And by knowing the personal details about your IT’s, you have a clearer picture of what their personal lives are like. It is good to find out the members of their family, names, and even birthdays. Take the time to dig deeper into the lives of your people, and every now and then ask them how their wives, children, and special someone are doing, and mention them by name. That simple act will go a long way, because people become emotional when their superiors are concern about their family. And they will show you their gratitude for your genuine concern by working harder. And so you by simply getting to know your subordinates, you are creating a good and productive vibe in your IT support Portland team.

Never shot your ears on your IT support specialists

IT support professionals are intelligent human beings who always have ideas on how to improve the IT world, new hunches about defeating black hat hackers, new computer programs in their minds, and more. And so you should expect that you will be bombarded with new ideas about technology from all your subordinates. No matter how absurd or farfetched the ideas are, you must always lend an ear to listen. No employee wishes to get ignored, especially if they are strongly convinced about their convictions. Listen to your people, and give them honest but subtle feedbacks. You never know, maybe one of them do have feasible ideas that your team can use to strengthen the cybersecurity of your client’s companies.

Motivate your team

Be the kind of IT support Portland manager who motivates his people all the time. You need to understand that it is not every day that IT support specialists come to the office with a good mood. There are times when they are full of problems at home, and they cannot concentrate fully in the office. That is why whenever you can, you need to motivate your people in your own way.

Set a good example

Now that you are the IT Manager, you need to set a good example to your people. Always arrive at the office before the time of work starts, and leave the office after the end of shift. Do not use your position to come to the office late and leave early just because you are superior now. In fact, you need to come earlier than usual and later than normal. Show your IT support specialists that you are upping your game since you now have a position in the company. By doing this, your people will learn to respect your authority and they will take you seriously. And besides, if you are doing everything right inside the IT support Portland company, then the employees under you will think twice of abusing you, and they will do right as well, just like their IT manager.

Acknowledge accomplishments

A great IT manager sees the potential of his people and acknowledges their successes, no matter how small. Always remember to complicate every good deed, because your subordinated will surely love that. Employees are quite the same all over the world. They seek recognition for their good works, so better give that small victory to them. By acknowledging accomplishments, you are in a huge way encouraging your people to do better.

Be friendly, but draw a line

You do not live in the old age anymore, and you are an IT manager in the modern world. So loosen up a bit and be friends with your people, but of course draw the line between friendliness and professionalism. Good IT support Portland managers are those who can handle friendship with their subordinates.

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