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A Great IT Support Portland Professional

IT Support Portland

As an IT Support Portland, it is your responsibility to provide the best and excellent service to your clients, no matter how small or big the company is, or regardless if your client is an individual or a business. It does not matter if you are catering to private sectors or you are dealing with public sectors. No matter who or what your clients are, you must give the same level of exceptional service to each one, notwithstanding the amount of money you earn from each client. Treat one client as you treat others, and that is how you will be known in the entire corporate world as an IT support that is excellent in everything about IT and manners as a human being.

Tips on becoming an excellent IT support

Your job is quite complex, especially when you are dealing with large companies, or you are safeguarding businesses from getting exploited by cyber criminals. But sometimes your tasks gets easier, particularly if you are dealing with technical support that you are an expert in. But, overall, being an IT support Portland is not a walk in the park, and you need to work harder to impress your clients and at the same time be perfect with your job. Let us explore a couple of tips that can help you become an excellent IT support.

Determine the scope of the technical issue properly

Technical issues come in a variety of forms and mind you, the IT world is a vast field that continues to evolve, and not all ITs are capable of keeping up with the changes. That is why when a technical problem arises, you need to make sure that fully understand what the problem is. Isolate the issue, and focus on the resolution of that problem. Keep in minds that any technical problem could have an underlying cause, so do not stop at resolving the surface issue. Be a good IT Support Portland professional and check if there are issues underneath the obvious problem, to ensure that you can create a patch or a fix to the real problem.

Comprehend your client’s understanding of technology

You must bear in mind that not all business people or individuals can truly grasp the true essence of technology. And truth be told, not all IT professionals do, either. And so you need to gauge the understanding of your client regarding technology. So you can adjust you communication process according to their grasp of what technology is. Your clients are not dumb just because they cannot understand some technical terms or processes. Technology is simply not their strongest suit, since they are all for business. That is why you need to subtly check how far along are they in their knowledge of technology, and communicate with them about their cybersecurity and other IT concerns in a tone and level that can understand. Do not a wise-ass and enjoy letting your clients think how smart you are. That attitude could only lead to losing your job, so be careful as you perform your duties as an IT Support Portland professional.

Impact of technical issues matter to clients

As an IT professional, you have seen your share of technical issues in the months or years that you have handled many clients. But, your clients are not exposed to the technical world, so every single technical problem they encounter is quite new to them. So to be a good IT professional, you must never, ever brush off an issue that is quite simple and insignificant to you as an IT. Remember that the smallest issue can impact your clients in a huge way, so pay attention and allocate a time to explain the technical problems to them. So never feel annoyed or irritated whenever your clients come to you with little technical things, because for you they may be small things, but for your clients they are large enough to merit your attention. By not ignoring the smallest concerns of your clients, you are becoming a respected and more reliable IT Support Portland professional.

Avoid speaking in terms your clients cannot understand

Speaking in technical jargon is quite alright if you are talking with a fellow IT professional. But when you are face to face or talking on the phone with your clients, avoid mentioning jargons unless you know that they can understand technical terms. Speak and explain things to your clients in layman’s terms without trying too much. Make sure that you only use words that you both can understand, and do not make your clients feel that they are ignorant or that they lack knowledge, because that is simply rude. And the worst part is, if you speak in jargons, your clients will save their pride by pretending that they understand you, and you all end up getting confused and not understanding each other at all. So if there is really a need to mention jargon terms, make sure that you explain what it means. And so always be careful with how you say things, and become a great IT Support Portland professional that your clients are proud of.

Make yourself reachable at all times

As an IT support, you have the responsibility to be available to your clients 27/7, as it is one of your tasks to monitor their networks and systems at all hours of the day and night. So you need to make sure that you are always available to your clients, especially on the times that you agreed to offer your services. In case of emergencies, your clients must be able to contact you immediately, so provide a second or third option for contacting you. This may seem to be a hassle for your personal life, but this is the career path that you have chosen. And to be a great IT Support Portland, you always need to be available to your clients and attend to their technical needs when needed.

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