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IT Support Allentown PA: Identifying Phishing Emails

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Information technology professionals who are trained to deliver the most outstanding IT Support Allentown PA are skilled enough to guide their clients in identifying phishing emails. That is why your company needs to find the best IT services company so your employees can learn how to identify a phishing email. Please note that phishing emails are a means of the black hat hackers to lure people into providing their personal information, as well as the confidential details of your company, to help them breach your network and systems and access your sensitive data.
The fact is, thousands of companies have been a victim of cyber crimes because of human error. Employees often pen phishing emails without recognizing them, and they open file attachments or click on links without knowing that they are releasing malware and viruses into the company computers. But suppose you hire the best information technology professionals to deliver an IT Support Allentown PA for your business. In that case, your employees will know what to do if phishing emails appear in their email inboxes.

Asking For Banking Details
If you receive an email asking for your company’s bank details, then be suspicious about it immediately because banks don’t do such things due to confidentiality. Do not give in even if the email states urgency in providing bank information. It is never a good idea to disclose banking details through email, and if there is indeed a need to, the bank will ask you to come personally to their offices or, in some cases, call you.

Urgent Help For A Friend
Black hat hackers often play with the emotions of people. So whenever they want something from their target victims, they send urgent messages to employees, posing as family members or friends and asking for money. The content of the email usually is a cry for help, and your employees need to know when to contact the information technology professionals in an IT Support Allentown PA. Sometimes, the email is all about a friend who is in an accident, has no access to money, or is in trouble in many ways and needs money. The main point is that a phishing email can be in the form of asking for monetary help in various ways.

Misspelled Words And Wrong Grammar
Phishing emails always appear to be coming from legit sources, especially from companies, institutions, and organizations. And if you receive such an email that seems legit but has misspelled words or there are grammatical errors, then you need to double-check the sender’s email address, call the sender, and have the third-party IT team verify the legitimacy of the email before responding to giving the information required to form the email. Keep in mind that legit sources, especially professional ones, will never be careless in composing email content. They will always double or even triple-check for typos, so be mindful in reading the emails. However, the black hat hackers may also be super cautious in writing the email content and will not make any mistakes. That is why you must seek the guidance of ITs in an IT Support Allentown PA regarding phishing emails and how to identify them correctly.

Notice Of Salary Increase
Employees are always delighted to hear about a salary increase. So many cyber criminals use this fact in order to lure employees into clicking on malicious links and file attachments. If your people receive an email saying that there is a wage increase and to fill out the attached file, your employees need to verify this information first with the HR department. However, since employees are most excited about such news, they usually open whatever is attached to the email, which is a huge mistake. And so it is crucial for the information technology professionals who perform the best IT Support Allentown PA to train your people on identifying phishing emails correctly and how to resist the urge to download seemingly legit file attachments and links for a promotion or salary increase.

Strange Email Tone
Whether you notice this or not, when you have constantly communicated with people, you become familiar with how they sound in an email. And so, if you receive an email from a person, whether a client, customer, colleague, friend, family, or investor, notice how the email content sound and see if the tone is correct or if there is something wrong. Most of the time, you can tell just by reading the email. But if you have your suspicions already, then it is best to contact the information technology professionals whom you have hired to handle your cybersecurity, including the phishing emails. And so, if the email tone is wrong, then that surely means that the email could come from cyber criminals. You can check this out also by contacting the sender and checking if they did send the message or not. And then inform them It’s in an IT Support Allentown PA.

Different Email Addresses
Another sure indication of a phishing email is the different addresses used. Black hat hackers usually try to mimic the legit email addresses of their target victims in order to appear authentic. And so, make sure that you double-check the email addresses of suspicious emails and compare them to the original emails of the senders. The differences are typically slight and not easy to detect at one glance, but if you look closer, you will find the differences. And so, for emails that contain urgency or ask for sensitive details, always take the time to verify the email addresses of the senders.

Unexpected File Attachments
If you are not expecting a file from someone within your company or from specific organizations, then you need to be cautious in downloading files that seem to be urgent and appear to be something that you have been waiting for. Before you do anything, allow the ITs in an IT Support Allentown PA to do their jobs and check.

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