A New Malware Update Makes It Deadlier Than Ever

TrickBot’s Latest Malware Upgrade

Malware is always evolving, often in response to new cybersecurity advances. Or, it changes to add functionality to its already existing armada of problem-causers. One such change is the newest TrickBot addition to malware.

A malware execution released by TrickBot now contains an additional backdoor feature called “PowerTrick.” Essentially, this allows third-parties to add or change how the malware behaves, creating an active security risk that can modify itself after deployment. If an organization is infected with the malware, attackers can update their attack as desired, raising the threat level of their virus.

It’s also speculated the techniques will be adopted by other malicious third parties. Organizations must better prepare themselves for both new malware attacks and their potential adaptive/changing properties. 

To better prepare for this, it’s recommended your organization take all measures necessary to shield themselves from malware attacks. This includes informing staff of TrickBot’s new potential abilities. 

If you need additional assistance, you can also contact Bytagig for more information.

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