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5 Common Myths of Cybersecurity

Misconceptions About the Cybersecurity Industry

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There’s still plenty of confusion surrounding cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly complex and there are various details surrounding the concept. Of course, such a broad topic can feel overwhelming at times, if not nebulous. Some don’t even consider it a subject they need to understand because it’s better left to the “experts,” or in the case of a business, IT staff.

Because of this, misinformation arises – and worse – myths of cybersecurity. To clarify, we’ve put together a list of some of the common misconceptions and myths about cybersecurity. 

1 – Our Industry is Safe

You hear about data breaches all the time, and they happen routinely every year. They have been for over a decade, but it’s only for certain industries, right? Social media and companies managing personal info are the real targets.

No, not at all. So long as there’s data to be stolen, as long as personal info exists within your enterprise, it’s at risk.

2 – We’re Too Small

A similar conclusion which is equally as illogical as point one – the idea that your business is too small to suffer a cybersecurity attack is a dangerous assumption. Today, 43 percent of cybersecurity attacks are conducted against small companies and it’s not a number that’s going away any time soon. 

3 – Leave it to IT

IT can handle all your security concerns, right? It’s what they’re around for, after all.

Unfortunately, this is a flawed line of thinking. Not only does offloading all cybersecurity tasks to IT overwhelm them, it also assumes they can handle any-and-all problems relating to network security. IT can’t be expected to handle all issues presented to them.

Good cybersecurity involves all staff and competency policies, along with stern BDR options and various ways to protect your information.

4 – A Perfect Cybersecurity Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could invest in a single cybersecurity option and have it take care of everything? Surely you can purchase an expensive anti-virus solution and that’s it, right?

Not at all. Again, this lethargic approach to cybersecurity will net you some serious trouble. It’s a constant process of updates, staying in touch with the latest malware developments, and maintaining a strong policy to thwart attackers.

5 – It’s Only an External Problem

Malware, phishing scams, junkmail, hackers – those are problems outside your business, right? Not at all. Cybersecurity is a critical internal issue as well, if not more so. For example, what happens if a staff member gives out a critical login or clicks on a malicious link? It didn’t matter if you had so many policies in place or fancy antivirus software. The thread’s been undone internally, leading to catastrophic results.

Do these sound familiar? They’re common ones and, if you find your business applying any of them to your security strategy, it’s critical you shift gears. Cybersecurity is an integral component to the modern digital business regardless of size and it should always be taken seriously.

If you have additional questions for improving your cybersecurity strategy, you can contact us at Bytagig.

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