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3 Big Reasons to Consider an MSP Today

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Three huge reasons an MSP is right for you

The overwhelming nature of IT is just that: overwhelming. Tech, Big Data, the constant threat from malicious actors, and global turmoil add to a volatile mixing pot of issues which can directly affect a company’s IT infrastructure. While larger enterprises can mind the tide, smaller organizations and businesses are left to fend for themselves.

In those cases, it’s a question of survival, and depending on the SMB, they cannot afford to establish a resilient IT infrastructure ready for today’s digital demands. What can they do?

Fortunately, options do exist for companies that need IT infrastructure, and that’s by taking advantage of an MSP – a managed service provider.

Here’s 3 big reasons you should consider onboarding an MSP for your business.

Reason #1: Ahead of the curve, always

It seems like newly developed technology comes at us at light speed with new changes, developments, and solutions. Keeping pace with these evolving trends is challenging, especially for smaller enterprises and businesses. More so, running legacy infrastructure and relying on older systems/software runs risk of legislative violations and regulatory faults, among things. Therefore, it’s important to not only keep up with trends, but stay ahead of the curve.

That’s the first and primary advantage of a managed service provider. MSP’s draw from a wide range of experts, experience, and technology that aren’t available to everyone else. That can include things like virtualized cloud services, cybersecurity infrastructure, and data backup. More so, said MSP (like Bytagig) can catch new trends and integrate evolving tech into their service model. The stronger the MSP, the stronger the client!

Reason #2: Security for now, and the future

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of many problems, to put it lightly. From ransomware threats to malicious third actors, there’s a lot to worry about in the IT and cybersecurity space. SMBs especially face serious danger, as a breach threat can upend their company.

The lack of capital resources to invest and build into comprehensive solutions, then, means SMBS and smaller organizations are left to face the brunt of attacks on their own. Once again, though, it’s the MSP to the rescue.

As with comprehensive and evolving tech, a managed service provider stays on top of the game by utilizing the best cybersecurity solutions and methods. And, experts within the MSP have a lengthy history, drawing from a diverse range of challenges. Where onboarding experts would be costly and difficult for a small business organization, that headache is removed by taking advantage of an MSP’s available resources.

Reason #3: Support whenever you need it

A nightmare scenario is confronting a disaster and lacking any support to handle it. Given the eventuality of threats, in that you’re going to experience a breach event to some degree, you need resources to respond to it. Once again, however, an SMB may not have the capital they need to fend of competent cyber-attacks.

Once again, an MSP is right on top of the problem with continuous, powerful support options. You can rely on this 24/7, with the ability to scale infrastructure as desired with virtual resources. Whether downtime or data loss, a managed service provider can help.

If you’re hesitant about investing in an MSP, let these reasons convince you. For more information, get in touch with Bytagig today!

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