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Cyber Security Companies Portland Oregon Relevance of Frequent Software Updates

You may own a company, but you are not privy to everything that your employees in their work stations, especially when it comes to those pop-up windows saying that they need to update their computer software, applications, and more. It is highly advisable by the cyber security companies Portland Oregon to always update the software. And if you and your employees cannot pause on what you are doing to do the upgrades or update, then make sure that you can do it later. Never put it off, since a software update is crucial to the cyber security of your company, as well as the digital safety of your data, files, documents, and other company confidential information.

Never ignore the software update reminder

It is human nature to get tempted to ignore the notification reminding you of a software update, but you need to set an example to your employees and allow the update to happen. You can even have your cyber security companies Portland Oregon to process the update for you, as well in other computers in your whole company. But that would be too much for your cyber security team or your IT personnel, so make sure that your employees can process this simple task. Have your cyber security them orient and have a meeting with all your employees to let them know what to do when their devices are reminding them to update their software. It is not really a difficult task, since they simply need to click on the update and wait for it to complete. Often, the updates can be done in the background so your employees can continue to work while the software is happening. But is it crucial that your employees know exactly what to do, so leave the education of your employees to your cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

Relevance of software update

A software update is not an option that you must ignore or never do, simply because you like the software as it is now. Updates and upgrades are needed in order to keep your company devices updated to the latest technology, and to ensure that your system is running smoothly. Let us take a peek at the main reasons why a software update is crucial for the success of your business.

Beneficial for your business

A software update is highly beneficial because it is all about repairing what is not right in your system. It allows your computer to fix what is damaged and eliminate any bug that find its way into your computer. This is especially true with your operating system. Though you are used to using the old versions, it is best to upgrade to the newer versions so you can fully take advantage of the benefits that the new OS version brings. Without a doubt, when your company computers are updated, then your cyber security companies Portland Oregon will not have a hard time protecting your company from cyber criminals.

Patch software vulnerabilities in the system

Software vulnerabilities are so alluring to hackers, and they are their means of getting inside your network and destroy your system. You need to always update your software when needed and not wait for days before doing so, because old software versions can easily be bugged, and hackers can find weaknesses where they insert malwares into your system. You need to understand that cyber criminals are experts in writing codes to make your old software vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even one software in one computer is actually enough to launch a destructive cyber attack that can potentially cripple your business. So always make sure that you and all your employees are aware that when that little reminder comes up, everyone must comply and choose to process the software updates.

When you indulge in the needed software updates, you are helping your cyber security companies Portland Oregon keep your cyber security intact. In a nutshell, a software update help patches up the vulnerabilities in your network, system, and devices. And so you need to always follow the correct procedures in processing a software update.

Data protection

Your company computers contain valuable data that cyber criminals can exploit. They can sell them in the dark web, or use them themselves in order to profit from their hacking activity. And they can easily hack into your system through the outdated software, especially if your uninformed employee opens up email attachments that contain malicious codes. And so it is crucial to create a company-wide awareness regarding software updates, and of course about cyber security. When all your employees are doing the updates when they arise, your company data can be protected from getting stolen. So make sure that a software update is always taken seriously.

Virus can spread

When one computer software is not updated and hackers are able to penetrate that particular computer because of the outdated system, then the virus that cyber criminals injected into one computer can spread to other devices and will eventually cause a cyber attack plague in all of your devices. So makes sure that you work hand in hand with your cyber security companies Portland Oregon to prevent this from happening. With a software update, you can avoid malwares and viruses from infecting your whole network, system, and devices.


Your company deserve only the best, and to stay on top of the game you need a network, system, and hardware that can keep up with your mission and vision for your company. Keep everything updated in your company, and you can do that by following the rules and policies of a software update. Make it a point to let every single employee know that they need to let the software update happen when they are reminded of it by their computers and other devices. Never let the seriousness of software update go into vain, and follow protocols when it comes to cyber security companies Portland Oregon.

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