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46% of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.


51% of small businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place at all.


75% of SMBs could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware.

In today's fast-paced world of technology and business, the need for an experienced IT provider is crucial to your company's success.

At Bytagig, we set ourselves apart by offering technical expertise combined with industry intelligence, positioning us as the go-to provider for premium IT and cybersecurity professional services for businesses of all sizes.
Tailored Professional Services

Bytagig offers a comprehensive suite of professional services designed to empower your organization in the digital landscape.

We understand that every organization has unique needs and budget constraints. Bytagig’s scoped professional services approach offers a more flexible and customizable way of handling IT and Security projects.

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Professional Services for Businesses

Fractional Chief Technology Officer

Get all the benefits of an experienced IT and Cybersecurity Executive without the huge expense of a full-time hire. Your dedicated expert will offer strategic guidance and unwavering support for your technology initiatives.
Documentation of IT Policies

We guide organizations in developing precise and implementable IT documents, encompassing policies, procedures, and strategies. We conduct gap analysis, develop a strategic roadmap, and create comprehensive documentation to ensure efficient management of IT resources.
Deployment of New Technology

Gain a competitive edge in your market and maximize the benefits of new and emerging technologies to propel your business to new levels. Our experts will guide you every step of way to ensure successful deployment.
IT Relocation Services

Planning an office move? Let us take the stress out of your transition. Whether you’re moving to a new location or expanding your current space, our team ensures a seamless transfer of your IT infrastructure, so you can put the focus back on your business.
Software Consulting

Let us identify your business’s best hardware, software, and services at the most competitive prices. We skillfully negotiate with vendors, and ensure smooth delivery and implementation.
Cloud Transitioning

Experience the benefits of the cloud – scalability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and reliability – without the hassle. We lead seamless transitions to Private, Public, and Hybrid-Cloud Solutions, overseeing migration planning, implementation, and post-migration support. 

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