Why startups and SMBs are so vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks

Smaller organizations are prime targets for IT attacks

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Reading our blogs at Bytagig, you’re no stranger to cybersecurity threats. We’ve discussed targeted businesses relating to ransomware, after all. During COVID-19, malware activity has spiked in relation to smaller businesses. Pandemic aside, why is this a common problem? After all, shouldn’t hackers go after bigger fish with since the potential for a higher payout is greater?

We’ve discussed the myth that hackers only go after larger companies before, so relying on being “too small” isn’t safe for any form of IT policy. It’s dangerous for smaller organizations because they don’t have the same resources as massive organizations. We’ll highlight some of the problems:

Risk factors

If that sounds uncomfortably familiar, then, unfortunately, you’re at risk.

IT and cybersecurity threats

Different methods exist to compromise cybersecurity infrastructure.

Defending your network and digital assets

A diverse range of options exist for protecting your network:

Using an MSP

You can use MSP’s to combat threat actors and protect your digital assets. These organizations offer all the expertise and resources needed to defend against cyber threats. They also provide necessary infrastructure, training, and information about good cybersecurity habits.

If you’re concerned about data loss or attack, consider an MSP. Bytagig has numerous resources available to clients. Contact us today for additional information.

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