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Let our knowledge make your business even better.

Today’s software programs and platforms can do everything from increase your start-up’s productivity to streamlining your small business’ workflow, simplify project management, and improve communication. To help you make the most of these tools, Bytagig provides onsite software training specifically targeted at your employees and tailored to your needs.

Our IT experts have hands-on experience with a wide variety of software programs and platforms, along with the patience and skill to train your team. We’ve worked with everyone from computer beginners to “techies” who want to tackle advanced skills or improve proficiency. Our premium software improvement training not only develops your user skills but also provides you with a solid understanding of chosen software and its capabilities so you can maximize the features – along with your efficiency and productivity.

Whether you’ve already found software and need to know how to use it or you’re looking for advice on which platforms and programs are best for your business, Bytagig can help. Check out our recommended tools, and contact us to learn more about our software training services and flexible pricing options.


Microsoft Office Suite

  • Word – Breakdown of Microsoft Word for document preparation, creation, and sharing.
  • Powerpoint – Teaching Microsft Powerpoint for visual presentations.
  • Excel – Instruction for Microsoft Excel with detailed breakdowns of organization, cell tracking, layout formatting, and more.

Google Docs and Services

  • Google Docs – Instruction on utilizing the versatile (and free) Google Doc services.
  • Google Sheets – Training on the use of google’s excel online spreadsheets. 

How can we make your business better?

Bytagig is committed to providing robust IT support for your enterprise. You can contact us at 503-465-5913 or [email protected] for more information!