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Shadow IT Discovery and Monitoring Services


Shadow IT Discovery and Monitoring Services

The ease of purchasing SaaS apps is leading to a host of operational issues across security, spend and employee productivity. This can be fully managed with SaaS Discovery and Monitoring.

Shadow IT is your organization’s Achilles heel

1. Data Loss

Not all cloud apps have the same level of security, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches. The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million.

2. Compliance Issues

Unknown cloud-based data can leave you at risk of violating data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI.

3. Ballooning Costs

Organizations are often faced with runaway cloud spend due tp Shadow IT, ranging from duplicate apps to unused licenses.

4. Performance and Business Continuity

If an IT department doesn’t know about an unauthorized system, you’re powerless when there are performance or availability issues.

  • 40% of software spending goes to shadow IT, meaning that it’s a huge cost to your business.
  • $30 Billion is the amount U.S. organizations wasted on unused software over four years.
  • 679 is the difference between the number of reported SaaS apps versus actual ones used an organization.

You need a simple and automated way to tackle Shadow IT

Shadow IT is one of the biggest threats facing our clients today. That’s why we’ve partnered with Augmentt Technology to deliver a simple and cost-effective Shadow IT Discovery and Monitoring Solution.

Access actionable Shadow IT data in a matter of minutes. Instant visibility into security risk and productivity concerns.

What’s included?

The initial discovery · A Shadow IT baseline · Short-term actionable data · A sense for the Shadow IT challenges ahead Ongoing monitoring · Shadow IT trends · Ongoing recommendations · Impact of new security policies

Get started today!

We’ll run a Shadow IT initial discovery on your environment and provide you with five key action items that will immediately reduce security risks, improve productivity, and reduce costs.