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Telecom Cost Reduction

Home » Services » Telecom Cost Reduction

The Why.

We love people and we love technology, and we want to see America’s Small and Micro Business get exactly what they need at the right price.

Bytagig is an information technology services company that adds an IT telco cost reduction for Micro to Small Businesses. We guarantee that with us by your side, you will never have to cry over telecom overspend again (and if you do, maybe just not on the keyboard).

The What?!

This is a process by which we look into a crystal ball and tell you how you can reduce your IT costs. Crystal ball or not, we carefully analyze your current IT Telco setup and figure out how to save that young money! 

Not too $habby. 

Think of Bytagig – Cost Reduction as the Keto of Telco… we trim the fat from your monthly spend, but it’s less painful than cutting carbs and sugar from your diet.


The Who.

We want to work with you… the micro and small businesses of America.
You think you are overpaying for IT telecom but don’t have any time to check.
We know you are overpaying for IT telecom and checking on IT is what we do!
The best part: the savings are yours to reallocate to other budgets…

The How.

We collect the data.

We analyze the data & quote.

We review your $avings with you

True ROI… with a touch of MMMMMMMM (just like Mom used to make)


People Love Us.

” I always call John when I am about to throw my computer out the window. He keeps reminding me it’s ok to call well before that. The latest thing I asked John for was finding a way to e-mail all of my clients without going through my management system which wanted to charge me $8 just to send an e-mail. When you need help with an e-mail, setting up computers in your office, or need a website built, BYTAGIG is a one stop shop for your IT needs.”

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