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How to Unite Various Departments in an Organization

Teamwork makes the dream work. But sometimes, it can be difficult to get all the departments in your business or organization to work together effectively. Here are a few ways to unite your teams:

Align your employees to the corporate objectives:

The first step? Create clear and attainable goals. Work with your executive leadership team to outline several company goals that embody key initiatives for the upcoming quarter. Next, each department should have their own goals that relate to the overall company goals. Those goals should then be funneled to the different departments by their respective leaders. Finally, give your employees a voice by creating a standing meeting each week where teams can come together to discuss how those goals are being achieved and if there’s anything that should shift in order to better reach them.

Build a strong culture:

First, determine the type of culture your company aims to build. Understand the similarities and differences among your teams and use that information to create a plan to build your desired culture. Remember, communication is key to building and maintaining a strong company culture.  As changes within the organization take place, it’s important to clearly communicate those changes and reassure your employees of the cultural pillars and how they will remain the same.

Encourage collaboration:

A big part of understanding how different departments can work together is understanding each department’s purpose in achieving the company’s main goals. Create an opportunity for teams to come together and discuss their individual goals and processes. By allowing each team to hear from each other, their understanding of how they all can better work together will allow the overall goals to be achieved more effectively.

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