Our mission

At Bytagig, we are all about providing a full range of IT services to small businesses and organizations. If your organization doesn’t have access to a traditional IT department or skilled IT staff, we can work with you to determine the tools you need to succeed and to run your business more efficiently. We provide everything from desktop support, website implementation and maintenance, consulting on the best software for your organization’s needs, to working with you to determine the best solutions for access to IT infrastructure – whether cloud-based, in-house, or outsourced.

Our values

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  2. The job is finished when the customer is satisfied
  3. Be upfront and honest
  4. Learn something new every day
  5. Be better today than you were yesterday
  6. Have fun, enjoy what you do
  7. Have a “whatever it takes” attitude
  8. Take extreme ownership of every situation


Our leadership

Mr. John Jackson is an IT consultant who has been helping small businesses since 2009. An expert in helping businesses to understand their IT needs, Mr. Jackson saw a serious gap in the IT capabilities of small firms in contrast to the enhanced resources of larger businesses, with this lack of knowledge hindering their ability to compete in the marketplace. He wanted to bridge that gap, providing those same capabilities and knowledge to smaller firms. He has a passion for helping small businesses to succeed and grow.

His clients have ranged from retailers to contractors to lawyers who need assistance with their daily IT needs. As a consultant, he brings skilled IT resources to the table, providing expertise in determining the best IT choices for each company based on their business type and goals. He guides his clients through the process of implementing IT – from setup to demonstrating how the IT is used, to providing support as needed.

Mr. Jackson graduated from Portland State School of Business with a degree in business information systems and consults throughout the Portland region.